A new platform for your data

Foundry machines and devices are being connected to provide a wealth of data, in the spirit of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The challenge is how to collate and analyse the data in order to bring benefits to the smooth running of the foundry. The Monitizer platform provides the perfect solution. As well as enabling efficient data collection and management, it creates the basis for doing more with your data; to identify issues, intervene, learn and constantly improve. In short, it helps you turn foundry data into value.

Improve production, quality, and resource control

Monitizer provides a flexible, scalable and central platform to access your foundry data, unlocking new possibilities and insight from historical and real-time data. 
By collecting and collating data from the complete foundry into one system, deeper analysis, as well as fast and effective trouble-shooting, becomes possible. Ultimately, this enables foundries to increase uptime, reduce scrap, minimise downtime, optimise production and improve casting quality.

Extensible, compatible, easy to use

Monitizer is accessed via an easy-to-use web-based interface. Important process overviews become instantly visible and the operator can easily access detailed drill-downs into specific issues. It makes it easy to collect, correlate, analyse, monitor and exchange data.
Normalising unstructured data from various sources and turning it into structured data means better overall accessibility, but it also creates the foundation for seeing more in - and doing more with - your data.

Monitizer® - turn your data into value

Monitizer provides a flexible, scalable and central platform to access your foundry data, unlocking new possibilities and insight from historical and real-time data.

The importance of synchronisation

A key prerequisite for making data meaningful, comparable and relatable is to have consistent timestamps across all data streams. Only then are you able to analyse for cause and effect across streams from different parts of the plant. 

To achieve this, Monitizer uses a single central clock to which all parts of the system are connected. The result: reliable, synchronised data that gives you a true picture of when events coincided, preceded or followed one another. Cause and effect become clear. 
It allows quick access and search of historical data to compare against your real-time data. 
Most importantly, it creates the foundation for advanced data processing and analytics, helping you develop algorithms, find new connections, hidden insights and new ways of doing things smarter. 

Ready for what comes next

With Monitizer you move from unstructured to reliably timestamped, structured data. This unlocks new Industry 4.0 possibilities and ultimately will help you harness the power of IIoT to optimize productivity, quality and the resources critical to your business. 


Monitizer - Connections that put you in control

The casting process involves many sub-processes that need to be in perfect sync to obtain and ensure optimal production performance. Monitizer | CIM offers several interfaces that connect key elements - sand mixer, moulding machine, pouring unit, cooling conveyor, casting sorting, vibration conveyor and cooling drum – to enhance control and support automatization of the casting process. The result is stable, consistent and perfect operation, without any human intervention.

Monitizer® | CIM BASIC

Getting the BASICs right
Monitizer® | CIM BASIC forms the heart of your foundry data solution - in your local language. It provides the infrastructure needed to connect additional parts, and includes the following elements.

Storage and processing of all data is carried out by an SQL database. The interface and data exchange between the moulding line and the database takes place via the on-board Ethernet port and is the basis for all encrypted communication.

Pattern recipes
A centrally controlled database to manage and store up to 30,000 pattern recipes helps improve uptime and reduce scrap rates. 

By storing the optimal pattern parameter set-up in the pattern database, production becomes independent of special knowledge carried by individual operators, minimizing the risk of mis-setting pattern parameters.

Dashboards offer a quick and easy way of viewing real-time and historical data. The dashboard feature also enables users to set individual preferences to show what’s important to them for easy monitoring and fast responses.

User account
Permissions, access rights and rules can be controlled by creating a personal account for each user. There are no restrictions on the amount of user logins.

Reporting functionality enables users to generate, customize, and export data tables as text files with a single click. Extracting, processing and sharing important data with others becomes a simple task.

The file hub enables paperless access to all important DISA machine documents. By accessing files via the local storage, important documents won’t get lost and anyone with a Monitizer® | CIM log-in can share documents such as service manuals and user instructions.

Monitizer® |CIM MOULDING

Availability, performance, quality
The Monitizer® | CIM MOULDING package, provides a real-time overview of the performance of your moulding line by analyzing key indicators including:

Uptime: the time the machine is available and producing per shift
Productivity: expressed as the ratio of input to output for each pattern change, i.e. moulds produced vs moulds poured.

Production visibility 
Warnings, errors and events are continuously monitored and visualized to provide detailed information on the current state of your equipment. 

Historical data collection also means that process data can be analyzed, correlated to identify key insights, and compared to real time data to track consistency/improvement.

Displaying the most frequent and most severe alarms, along with equipment operations and sequences, makes effective trouble-shooting possible.

Remote monitoring and supervision
Information from the operator panel of the DISA moulding machine (VDU) can be accessed remotely with Monitizer® | CIM, making it possible to monitor and supervise from a control room or your office desk.

Monitizer® | CIM Casting

Knowing your castings
The Monitizer® | CIM CASTING package gives a full graphical picture of the moulds on the cooling line. 

Each type of casting is visualized with distinct mould colours. These colours change to indicate new pattern plates on the line. Casting data for each specific mould produced and poured is also shown. 

A table view with all casting data is available and can be customized according to data collection preferences. Data can be added, removed, sorted and exported as required. 


The recipes for success
Pattern parameters and pattern recipe data is available for each mould produced, meaning you can track parameter changes or compare recipes with actual performance. This data insight will enable you to optimize foundry processes and the overall performance of your line.

Monitizer® | CIM SERVICE

Maintaining optimal performance
The Monitizer® | CIM SERVICE package is designed to support and check preventive maintenance of DISA equipment. It helps you identify, schedule and carry out tasks that keep your moulding machines operating in peak condition. 

Servicing made simple
A daily report of categorized tasks - from cleaning and confirmation checks to necessary adjustments and replacements - is produced in line with the DISAMATIC® Service Manual. 

As an open module, you can also tailor the package to add in any maintenance tasks specific to your foundry or change the selection of pre-programmed tasks in line with any equipment changes.
Completed items can then be ticked off at the touch of a button. Any observations logged for full transparency. 

With the Monitizer® | CIM SERVICE package, keeping on top of crucial maintenance is simple.