DISA India Research and Development

Trading as DISA Technologies Pvt Ltd

At the core of our mission to provide cutting-edge industrial equipment technology to forward-thinking Indian customers lies our commitment to Research & Development. Our R&D entity, known as DISA Technologies Private Limited (DTPL), is an integral part of the worldwide R&D consortium encompassing the DISA and Wheelabrator brands. Situated within a dedicated R&D hub in Bangalore, this center has been a beacon of innovation since its establishment in 2006.

Initially founded as a platform for engineering collaboration with DISA Denmark and DISA Switzerland (now Wheelabrator), the center swiftly evolved into a powerhouse of expertise, particularly in the realm of flask and flaskless moulding lines. More recently, Wheelabrator has also initiated its R&D endeavors, partnering with the Wheelabrator Metelen technology center to craft pioneering shot blast solutions.

Over the years, DTPL has demonstrated remarkable growth and resilience. Collaborating closely with our counterparts in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, we have tailored equipment solutions to suit the unique demands of the Indian market. Furthermore, we have embarked on the development of 'Made in India' versions of well-established machinery concepts found within DISA's product range.

Our accomplishments are underpinned by a formidable team of exceptionally skilled engineers who are instrumental in driving innovation and bolstering our company's global endeavors. They work in close tandem with their peers at technology centers located across Europe and around the globe.