Original DISA India wear parts outlast non-genuine parts by 2X

A Total Cost of Ownership success story from Neosym Industry, Pune

In May 2022, DISA India successfully installed the Wheelabrator VP-18 shot blasting machine at Neosym. However, post-commissioning, the customer encountered significant challenges with cleaning castings and promptly sought assistance from DISA India's aftermarket sales and support team. Upon conducting a meticulous audit of the machine in collaboration with FEE engineers, DISA India's aftermarket team produced an audit report highlighting areas that needed attention. This report was then handed over to DISA India's service team to rectify the identified issues.

"I'm happy to talk about my experience with Wheelabrator SRD 380 blades. These blades have been impressive, surpassing what I expected and lasting twice as long as the competition.

Not only did they extend the life of our machine parts, but they also boosted the efficiency of our VP-18 shot blast machine. We've saved a significant amount of money, and I highly recommend DISA India's wear parts for top-quality performance.

They've made a real difference in our operations, and I'm thrilled with the outcomes”

– Mr. Balkrishna Vanmore, Neosym Industry Limited (GM – Maintenance)

Relying on the insights from the aftermarket team's audit report, DISA India's service team diligently addressed and resolved the problems affecting the newly supplied machine. Moreover, they strongly advised the customer to opt for original wear parts to counter the issues stemming from premature wear associated with non-genuine parts.

The DISA India aftermarket team proposed a trial involving their shot blast machine with Non-genuine parts alongside Wheelabrator SRD 380 parts to demonstrate the contrast in performance. On May 11, 2022, DISA India received the initial purchase order for the SRD 380 Wear Parts, encompassing the blade control cage and the impeller.

Subsequently, the trial parts were dispatched via FEE's Pune warehouse on July 12 for the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) trial. Neosym reported that while non-genuine blades offered only 150 blasting hours of life, DISA India's wear parts provided over 300 blasting hours—effectively doubling the lifespan.

Following the successful TCO trial at Neosym, DISA India began receiving orders for these parts due to their remarkable performance.

The success story at Neosym stands as a testament to the efficacy and superiority of DISA India's solutions in optimizing the performance and longevity of shot blast machines, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and substantial cost savings for the customer.

Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA
DISA Aftermarket: Pravin Gaikwad
Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Pune

For any direct enquiries please get in touch with saurav.kumar@noricangroup.com and pravin.gaikwad@noricangroup.com