DS Series

DISA Silo Vent Filters are specially designed to vent silos fed with powdered products. They are also capable of filtering the product from the air during the conveying period and the air surge at the end of the cycle. The filters have a weatherproof construction and are designed for safe and simple maintenance.

The filters can be designed according to the pressure of the storage silos during the delivery of powder in the cement, concrete, quarrying and many more industries. These filters provide continuous filtration of high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities in an environmentally responsible manner in almost any industry and application.

DS Series Filters are available in various versions to suit custom requirements.

  • With casing – for mounting on top of the silo
  • Without casing – the bags can be inserted into the silo
  • With hopper and RAL (rotatory air lock valve) – for mounting on the ground


  • Compact design
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Modular Construction
  • Factory Assembled and Tested
  • Strong Service and Spares support

Unique Bag Design

The DISA advantage is found in the breakthrough technology of durable bag filters in an envelope shape. The envelope shape provides greater movement of the bag to dislodge more challenging dust cakes during filter pulsing.

Principles of Filtration

  • Dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag as air penetrates the media.
  • The Pulse pipe (jet tube) injects a burst of compressed air into the bag filter.
  • Airflow is then briefly reversed, inflating the bag filter and dislodging dust.
  • The dislodged dust cake falls into the collection hopper for final removal or it falls back in the process silo.
  • The envelope-shaped filter bag, which is mounted on a unique wire frame, ensures optimum airflow and thorough cleaning.The filter bag is rigidly clamped to the tube sheet ensuring no leakage of fine dust. The clamps are easily removable.

DS Series Models

DISA has evolved various models of these filters for the benefit of the customer:

  • From 6 m2 to 30 m2 of filtration area (if required these models can be augmented in modules to cater for higher filtration areas
  • Flow capacities from 300 m3/hr to 4500 m3/h (for higher capacities they are made in modules)