Testimonial: Customer and O&M contractor recommend using original and genuine DISA parts

More value for money

Riddhi Casting outsourced its shot blast machine function to a third party to avoid day to day parts requirement and machine maintenance. The third party started using different make wear parts to optimize shot blast tonnage cost whichsubsequently led to deteriorating machine health.

“We installed Wheelabrator VP-18 Hanger-type shot blast machine in our foundry in 2013 together with the high-pressure moulding line with DISA MATCH 20/24 moulding machine.  

We gave this machine on an O&M contract to a local service provider based on the tonnage basis with complete maintenance and parts under their scope. We saw that the machine performance was deteriorating drastically and asked DISA team to audit the machine and evaluate the reason. DISA India aftermarket team reached out to the contractor and audited the machine. 

From August 2022 to October 2022, DISA was able to prove the cost benefit to the contractor through a trial on the machine. These visual proofs along with cost calculations made the contractor understand the importance of genuine parts and use them in our machine.” 

– Mr. Nitin H Kondekar, Riddhi Casting, Manger Maintenance. 


Wheel comparison table:

Riddhi casting

* Blade replacement

About Riddhi Casting: Riddhi casting started operations in year 1974 with two lathes, Riddhi casting debut venture was soon followed by a Cupola Furnace (Grey Cast Iron) and a Machine Shop in 1980 with a capacity of manufacturing 100 tons per month of machined castings. When quality became paramount in manufactured components, the company upgraded his operations by adding Induction Furnaces and advanced machine shops. The company expanded his customer base beyond India , into Italy, Hungary and other parts of Europe.

Riddhi casting manufactures precision machine components, wheel hubs and Engine mounting brackets.

Riddhi Casting is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

DISA India has supplied complete foundry solutions with Match 20X24 pressure moulding machine, sand plant with mixer, Shot blast machines and dust collectors.

The future: Riddhi casting is a happy DISA customer, and we look forward to working with them for a more sustainable future to improve foundry efficiency.

Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA

  • DISA Aftermarket: Girish Raju
  • Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Kolhapur

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