Pulse Jet Cylindrical Bag Filters – DJ Series

DISA is constantly improving the designs and other application-related parameters. Based on customer feedback, DISA has made several changes in cylindrical bag design and other design parameters which have vastly improved system performance.

Robust and Rugged, Yet Highly Efficient

Like the rest of DISA’s dust collection systems, these units are built to be exceptionally rugged and ready for heavy duty applications. The pulse jet timer is field-adjustable for pulse duration and interval.


Versatility of Customised Design

Air pollution problems are unique and need customised system design to suit the particular application.


  • Different bag length variations to take care of space restrictions (bag length varies from 3m to 8 m)
  • Application based fabric selection
  • Provision for heat tracing (optional) and insulation
  • Right selection of dust discharge equipment     
  • Explosion vents
  • Instrumentation for high/low bag differentials, high/low temp, high hopper dust levels can be incorporated
  • Choice of material of construction to suit the specific application and design pressure     
  • Support structure, platforms, ladders and roof rails
  • Fire protection devices
  • Rugged cages for long life
  • Cleaning mechanism – time based/DP based
  • Optimum air consumption


  • Modular design – for easy adaptability
  • Standardised Production – for consistent high quality of filters
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Comfortable visual inspection from clean air compartment          
  • Very low emissions
  • Can sustain high vacuum pressures
  • Reduced installation time
  • Advanced technologies
  • Meet all Indian/International pollution norms.
  • Concept to handing over solutions
  • Service and spares network across India
  • Backed up by strong Engineering and Development teams


DJ Series - Multiple Configurations

V Entry

V Entry (Extended Hopper) - DJV series

In the V entry design, the dirty gas enters the inlet plenum. It then flows down to both the modules; and undergoes filtration as in the regular unit. The clean gas passes through the outlet plenum from the individual clean air chambers, and then flows out through the outlet duct to the ID fan.

Casing Entry

Casing Entry - DJC series

In the DJC series, the dirty gas enters the casing into a central chamber formed by perforated sheets. The gas flow toward the bags is from a lateral direction ensuring the separation of heavier dust and a better gas distribution respectively. The lighter dust gets carried upward to the bags. For some applications, such as Boiler fly ash, a perforated sheet at the face of gas entry is employed for uniform distribution of incoming gas.

Casing Entry With Baffle

Casing Entry With Baffle – DJD Series

As the cement industry has begun to establish bigger plants, conventional bag filters have been found to be inadequate to handle large gas flows in excess of 500,000 m3/hr. This is due to severe limitations such as high gas flow per bag, high velocity of gases through the bag filter, higher pressure drop across filters, high space requirement due to bigger size filters and high compressed air consumption.

To overcome these drawbacks, DISA has introduced the DJD series. In this design the dust separation takes place partially due to impact on the baffle and further through filter bags thus reducing the filtration load on the bags.