Parts Partnership Programme

Parts Partnership Programmes (PPPs) are longer-term agreements between a buyer (you) and a seller (us) for ease of doing business. They cover discount arrangements on spare or wear parts for repeat orders. We currently offer PPPs for DISA and Wheelabrator parts only.

The benefits to you:

Our PPP agreements give you favourable terms and prices in exchange for a commitment to repeat orders, creating a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. The benefits:

  • avoid lengthy negotiations on discounts/T&Cs for every enquiry
  • list price shared at the beginning of financial year
  • hassle-free order acceptance and delivery
  • genuine parts supplied directly from the OEM, at a favourable rate
  • year-end credit note based on volume of business (during the financial year)

They also unlock additional benefits:

  • priority service in case of emergency
  • preventive maintenance training at discounted rates
  • service visit/audit by trained professionals for one critical machine.


FAQs about our Parts Partnership Programme

What is the duration of a PPP? How does it renew?

A PPP agreement is valid for a duration of one year (FY) and renewed through a new document every year.

How do I make sure it works for me?

A PPP helps to us understand your specific requirements across the year and allows us to plan for part availability at the right time – the agreement is designed to adapt to your individual needs. At the end of every term, we take feedback to assess the plan and address any issues or concerns.

Can the credit note be used to order any other services or equipment from DISA India Limited?

No. The credit note can only be used for parts. It does not apply to new equipment orders.

Are there any other exclusions or exemptions?

Yes – they do not apply to spare parts negotiated as a package along with new DISA/Wheelabrator equipment, orders for reconditioning/modernizing of existing DISA/Wheelabrator equipment or to spare parts for equipment not supplied by DISA India Limited.


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