Energy savings and increased productivity on Soft Starter Kit implementation at Yash Metallics

15% energy savings and 8% increased productivity

“We use TM 190 mixer for our foundry operations. The mixer is equipped with fluid coupling drive. We had a history of frequent breakdown of mixer causing productivity loss. 

DISA Aftermarket team came with a proposal to replace Fluid Coupling repair kit with Soft Starter kit. 

We are happy to see the overall improvement in the mixer and since installation, there is no breakdown reported and we happy to say, we are now saving approx.. Rs. 30,000/- per month with improved mixer performance.” 

– Mr. D.M.Kumbhar, Manager Maintenance, Yash Metallics 


Yash Metallics was established in 1995 and has been producing around 1500MT good casting for Automotive and Agricultural industries and have the capacity of 1600MT.


Yash Metallics uses DISA TM190 intensive Mixer with Fluid Coupling Drive for their foundry operation at Kolhapur plant. The fluid coupling needs service kit during every 2 ½ year and replacement of kit is complicated as Fluid coupling body is made of aluminium. Fluid coupling needs regular observation during operation. The mixer load is restricted to 850 kg batch.

Yash Metallic team wanted their DISA mixer machine to have a greater output and no breakdowns, they started conversations with the DISA India team to understand what was possible to meet their objectives. 


The DISA aftermarket team, quickly attended and conducted an audit. Based on audit report, DISA team recommended to replace fluid coupling service kit with soft starter kit to control the electricity consumption and frequent breakdowns.

After the soft starter kit implementation, the fluid coupling motor started consuming much less power and no breakdown since implementation.

Now, the plant is running with an average reduction of 450 to 500 kWh of electricity per month which is resulting a savings of approx.. savings of Rs. 30,000 per month. The mixer batch capacity also improved from 850 kg to 925 kg per batch.

The soft started implementation also led to a better maintenance practice as the operator receives an instant alert message on rough usage.

Advantages of Soft Starter Kit over the Fluid Coupling


Fluid coupling

Soft starter

Power utilisation

15 to 20% power loss in fluide coupling

No power loss in soft starter

Batch Capacity

Limitations to increase batch load capacity for safety purpose. (Before batch capacity 800 to 850 kg Max.)

Full capacity can be utilized. Now batch capacity 875 to 925 kg (Easy scope available to increase load capacity.)

Peak current load

current for full load - 115 to 120 Amp.

current for full load 100 to 110 Amp.

Maintenance free

need to maintain carefully - fusible plug & seal nut damaged many times.

Easy to maintain. No single complaint from the installation. 3 to 3.5 months completed.

No Breakdown

Many breakdowns faced.

After installed soft starter no single breakdown happened.

equipment protection

protection & safety is less.

protection & safety is more.

annual service

Every year overhauling required.

Only control panel cleaning & preventive required.

motor health

Extra load on motor.

due to direct drive no load on motor.

Energy saving

Unit consumption /Month -28000 to 30000.

Unit consumption/ Month- 23500 to 25500.

Energy saving (in INR)

Increased cost Rs. 23750 to 28500/-

Cost saved Rs. 23750 to 28500/-


One of the Option for only safety of Equipment.

100% solution for safety, productivity & power saving.


Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA

  • DISA Aftermarket: Girish Raju
  • Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Kolhapur

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