DISA India Manufacturing capability

Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art, allowing our people to deliver world-class equipment that is locally made.

From sand plant to moulding, from die casting to shot blasting, we have more than 30 years’ experience of manufacturing at the cutting edge of the industrial machinery market. Both our Tumkur and Hosakote plants also have dedicated aftermarket warehouses on site, ensuring fast turn-around supply of quality OEM parts.


Established in 1985, our facility in Tumkur is dedicated to the manufacture of DISA moulding machines, sand plants and mixers. Our c.160 employees at the site make high-performance DISA green-sand moulding equipment at a competitive price without compromising on quality.

A major milestone for the team was the launch in 2011 of the first vertical moulding machine ‘made in India’ – the DISA 030, followed by the high-speed DISAMATIC C3 moulding line in 2016. The latter incorporates the knowledge and technology from DISA’s flagship DISAMATIC ‘D’ lines, at a lower price point but without compromising on quality.

Castalloy Bhadravathi foundry

Established in the steel city Bhadravathi in 1982, the foundry produces alloy castings, including Manganese steel, abrasion and impact resistant, wear or heat resistant, alloy steel or allow iron castings.

The facility is ISO 9001:2008-certified and produces castings for the open market as well as for use in equipment manufactured in Tumkur and Hosakote.

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