Cassette Type Filters

Unmatched Advantages

  • Value for money
  • Low investment costs
  • Because of the unique shape and the way the cassettes are arranged, our cassette type filters offer more filter area for the same casing volume than other comparable systems.


We supply two types of Cassette type filters

  • Reverse air cleaning
  • Pulse jet air cleaning



  • Modular design – for easy adaptability of cassette-type filters to specific floor space requirements
  • Standardised production – for unvarying high quality of filters
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Due to the reverse air flow cleaning method, the filter bags have longer service life
  • Spring-lock mechanism on doors and cassettes ensures fast and easy replacement by only one person
  • Comfortable visual inspection from clean air compartment
  • Minimal residual dust in cleaned air, well below permitted emission rates due to optimal efficiency of filter media in conjunction with reverse air flow cleaning system. Our filter consists of dirty air inlet and distribution.
  • Low energy consumption cost due to filters employing low pressure reverse air cleaning
  • Increased bag life and low operating maintenance cost
  • Reverse air cleaning offers low emission rates due to optimal efficiency of filter media
  • More filter area for the same casing volume than other comparable systems because of unique shape and arrangement of cassettes
  • Modular design enables us to offer any size of filtering area suiting the need
  • Modular design offers standardisation of component parts with high quality standard
  • Factory assembled modular design offers minimum handling and easy installation at site
  • Large doors permit easy access to the cassette rows from clean air compartment
  • Only one person is needed to operate the door and remove the complete set of cassettes with distant mat
  • Top entry of gas completely eliminates the re-entrainment that is predominant in hopper gas inlet
  • Top inlet with distribution manifold ensures even gas distribution inside the filter
  • Pre-assembled and factory tested filter components ensure quality
  • DISA design control panel ensures troublefree operation

Control Panel – Ensures Reliability of Filter Operation

The control panel is designed and manufactured by DISA. It is a standalone system comprising of motor circuits for ID fan, cleaning air fan, cleaning carriage, screw conveyor and flat valves. The control panel is housed in a sheet metal enclosure of the highest quality. The operator interface,  push buttons, selector switch, indicators and meters are located ergonomically on the front door of the control panel for easy operation.

An optional feature for the operator interface, includes a mimic panel with LED lamps, and an LCD messages display unit. The control sequences are designed either using hardwired Relay Logic or state-of-the-art PLC depending on the application requirement.

Unique Design Feature of DISA Cassette Type Filters

In conventional filters, the gas travels from bottom to top and the cleaning air is injected on top; whereby it comes from top to bottom. This reflects a concept called Can Velocity (Can Effect).

Definition: It is the velocity with which the gas travels up through the interspaces between the bags.

Can Velocity = Gas flow / (casing area- total bags occupancy area)

This is a very important parameter in design of conventional filters. Higher Can Velocity results in re-entrainment of dust. The desirable value is 1.0 m/sec for normal dust.

Can Velocity has 3 effects:

  • Dust re-entrainment
  • Due to cross flow increased wear of bags
  • Higher DP due to cross flow

In DISA design the gas flow is from top to bottom. Gravity assists the flow of dust. The dislodged dust and gas travel in the same direction. Hence the gas flow assists the dust to fall downward unlike conventional filters. Given the pressure drop, the wear of bags is minimal. There is no Can Effect. This is a unique feature of DISA design.


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