Wheelabrator success story from SJ Iron, Kolhapur

The SRD380 wheel blades have three times the longevity of the previous supplier's offer

SJ Iron, a prominent member of the Zanvar Group, operates a semi-automated foundry in Kolhapur, equipped with DISA machinery, including ARPA moulding machines, a sand plant with a mixer, and a Wheelabrator VP-14 shot blast machine. While the setup was technologically advanced, the shot blast machine faced operational challenges due to the underperformance of the wheels supplied by a local manufacturer. This resulted in reduced productivity, increased wear and replacement costs, and even machine damage.

Upon identifying these issues, DISA India's aftermarket team intervened to audit the shot blast machine. The inspection revealed that parts from other suppliers were contributing to the deteriorating health of the machine. To address this, the DISA team proposed a wheel performance study and suggested a comparative analysis of Wheelabrator SRD380 wheel blades against the existing ones. The trial demonstrated that Wheelabrator SRD380 wheel blades significantly outperformed the other make by lasting more than triple the lifespan.

"Switching to Wheelabrator parts for our shot blast machine was a game-changer.

The increase in machine performance and the reduction in maintenance costs have been remarkable. Our decision was validated by the impressive, tripled lifespan of the SRD380 wheel blades compared to the previous supplier's offerings.

We're satisfied with the solution provided by DISA India and Wheelabrator. It has not just improved our operations but also positioned us for a more sustainable and efficient future."


– Mr. Yogesh Salokhe, Manager Purchase, SJ Iron, Kolhapur

Following the successful trial performance, the team at SJ Iron decided to adopt Wheelabrator parts for the maintenance and operation of their shot blast machine. Embracing the Wheelabrator components promised improved machine performance, reduced wear and tear, and minimized replacement costs. The decision to switch to Wheelabrator's superior quality parts was a strategic move to enhance the efficiency and longevity of the shot blast machine.


The implementation of Wheelabrator parts brought about a transformation in SJ Iron's foundry operations. The switch resulted in heightened productivity, decreased wear and replacement costs, and ensured the preservation of the shot blast machine's overall health. By investing in quality components, SJ Iron was able to improve its operational efficiency, safeguard its equipment, and reduce the overall operational costs.

The Future:

SJ Iron now stands as a satisfied and contented customer of DISA India, poised for a more sustainable future. The collaboration between SJ Iron and DISA marks the beginning of a partnership aimed at consistently enhancing foundry efficiency and embracing further technological advancements to support their growth and success.

This success story reflects the power of a strategic partnership between a reliable machinery supplier and a forward-thinking company like SJ Iron in achieving operational excellence.

Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA

  • DISA Aftermarket: Girish Raju
  • Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Kolhapur

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