Case Study from Sharp Liqtech, Coimbatore

Incorporated in year 2012, Sharp Liqtech today is amongst the renowned foundries in Coimbatore producing and exporting SG and Grey iron castings for tractors, textile machineries, pumps, valves, and marine PT housing to 40+ European and USA customers. 

“We were looking to optimize the energy consumption in our foundry and decided to go ahead to install DISA soft starter kit on our TM mixer.

We are overwhelmed with the positive result as it helps us to reduce approximately 100 kWh of electricity which translates to a savings of approximately 0.2 MINR per year.

This small but significant step towards reducing energy consumption motivated us to continue our journey in achieving overall energy efficiency in our foundry. We are proud to partner with Norican Group in their SBTi journey”. 

– Mr. V. Rajesh, Partner, Sharp Liqtech


Sharp Liqtech is the proud owner of DISA Complete foundry using DISA ARPA 300 moulding machine, sand plant and TM160 mixer. Another DISA ARPA 450 moulding line with SKA575 cooler is under installation to support growing export demand.

Sharp Liqtech team wanted their DISA mixer machine to have a greater output, they started conversations with the DISA India team to understand what was possible to meet their objectives.

The DISA team, quickly attended and conducted an audit which concluded that the TM mixer used an old model with fluid coupling motor which was the main reason for this higher consumption  of electricity.  The good news was that the power consumption could be optimized.  DISA Aftermarket team recommended a soft starter kit for the fluid coupling motor to control the electricity  consumption.




  After the soft starter kit implementation, the fluid coupling motor started consuming much less power.

Now, the plant is running with an average reduction of 100 kWh of electricity which the Sharp Liqtech team expect to save an approximately 0.2 MINR in a year.


The Sharp Liqtech team is a happy DISA customer, and we look forward to working with them for a more sustainable future to improve foundry efficiency.

  • DISA Aftermarket: Mekaraj Andamuthu
  • DISA Service: Karthikeyan Karunakaran
  • Distributor: F Care Plus LLP, Coimbatore

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