A new platform for your data

Foundry machines and devices are being connected to provide a wealth of data, in the spirit of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The challenge is how to collate and analyse the data in order to bring benefits to the smooth running of the foundry. The Monitizer platform provides the perfect solution. As well as enabling efficient data collection and management, it creates the basis for doing more with your data; to identify issues, intervene, learn and constantly improve. In short, it helps you turn foundry data into value.

Monitizer - Connections that put you in control

The casting process involves many sub-processes that need to be in perfect sync to obtain and ensure optimal production performance. Monitizer | CIM offers several interfaces that connect key elements - sand mixer, moulding machine, pouring unit, cooling conveyor, casting sorting, vibration conveyor and cooling drum – to enhance control and support automatization of the casting process. The result is stable, consistent and perfect operation, without any human intervention.

Features enhances easy and stable operation of your DISA equipment


Recipes management
Easy administration and storage of up to
30.000 pattern recipes ensuring stable
production consistency

Casting line
Full graphical overview of the moulding line
with distinct mould colors of each casting type
and specific mould information

Monitor uptime, productivity and waiting times
of every shift and production batch 

Preventive maintenance
Triggering maintenance task to be carried out
based on either production time or number of
produced moulds

Remote operator
Displays real-time information from the DISA
moulding machine operator panel remotely

Alarm & event log
Monitor uptime, productivity and waiting
times of every shift and production batch

M2M process interfaces enhance fully automatic control of your DISA equipment with no need for manual intervention


Auto pouring
Full automatic pouring unit control enhance
stability and reduces the need for
* Automatic change of parameter 
settings at pattern change


Optimized pouring
Pre-pouring and pre-positioning of pouring unit
during mould transport reduces delay caused
by pouring unit process


Full automatic
Full automatic control with no need for
manual intervention


Speed adjustment
Moulding speed is adjusted to fulfill required
IMCT before leaving cooling line and ensuring
stable production flow

Auto sorting
Automatically sorting moulds marked as bad
by moulding machine or incomplete pouring
by pouring unit

Auto update
Automatic update of vibration conveyer
settings every time a new mould is delivered

A specific module for a specific challenge

Parameter level
Define production parameter level for all
parameters for each pattern set in the
database (minimum / maximum)

Correct parameters
Ensure parameter settings are in sync with
application technical 
setup and avoid operator
adjusting parameters out of defined range

Recipe update
Easy and fast update of pattern recipe from the
machine operator panel