Total Production Optimisation: New and Improved TOPS Programme Now Globally Standardised

The DISA Total Optimisation Production Service (TOPS) process has been standardised globally to provide a consistent experience for every customer. All DISA customers – independent of the location of their foundry – will get the exact same service, ensuring that their DISA moulding equipment continues to deliver the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

As part of the standardisation process, the DISA team has undertaken a comprehensive review of the programme to update and improve it. The new and improved TOPS offering is now also available for the DISAMATIC C3 platform.

What is TOPS?

The DISA Total Optimisation Production Service (TOPS) is a structured inspection, service and maintenance programme that is exclusively available to owners of DISA moulding equipment. It focuses on reducing the risk of unplanned downtime while optimising machine performance. Through regular inspections and service visits, DISA technicians support efficient maintenance planning and execution.

A TOPS inspection visit can be scheduled in line with production plans, but is recommended to take place every 3-6 months to achieve the best results. The visit includes an inspection and a fine-tuning of the equipment to ensure maximum performance, as well as a detailed TOPS report. Each visit consists of four parts: an assessment meeting, an inspection of the equipment while running, an inspection of stopped equipment, and a management meeting.

During the inspection, each piece of equipment is divided into inspection points and categorised. A status for each inspection point indicates if or when action should be taken. If part replacement is recommended, the spare part name and number is attached to the specific inspection point with a priority and comment.

An improved TOPS report

As part of the overhaul of the programme, the DISA TOPS report has also undergone a comprehensive update, including:  

  • new and improved design and format 
  • availability in multiple languages 
  • a new management overview 
  • spare part inventory review of critical parts.

The four improvements enhance the existing inspection check list and recommended spare parts list, resulting in a report that is easier to read and understand. 

Is TOPS available for my DISA equipment?

The DISA TOPS concept is now available for the DISAMATIC C3 platform. It covers the following moulding lines: DISA 130-131, DISA 230, DISA 231, DISAMATIC D1, DISAMATIC D3, DISAMATIC C3-150/250, DISAMATIC C3-350, DISA 240-250, DISA 270-280, DISA 2013 MK3+4, DISA 2013 MK5, DISA 2070 MK1, DISA 2070 MK2, DISA 2110 MK 1+2, DISA 2110 MK3, DISA MATCH 130, DISA MATCH 20/24, DISA MATCH 24/28, DISA MATCH 28/32+32/32.