DISA Trace And Guidance – The Missing Link

It’s hard to identify exactly which part of your process is to blame for scrap. In fact, there can be multiple, interwoven reasons for defects like porosity or sand inclusions – and batch data is often too inaccurate to diagnose them.

DISA TAG (Trace and Guidance) is the missing link between process data and quality results. By adding a unique ID to each casting, DISA TAG links every single casting to the specific process data that produced it, from sand compressibility to pouring temperature.

Scan a casting’s TAG ID and you can link it to a specific defect cause or look up the process parameters that you collected for it during production.

Stop guessing and find the correct root cause

DISA TAG’s individual-casting-level view removes the uncertainty of batch-level analysis. It helps you investigate root causes and decide exactly which combination of process parameters created a bad casting.

Discover hidden insights and solve complex quality problems, then take the correct action to improve quality, reduce reworking and scrap, increase sustainability – and cut costs. If a customer enquires about a casting weeks or months later, simply scan its TAG ID to look up its process data.

Additionally operators can classify a set of castings as “bad”, use hand scanners to quickly identify them after shot blasting – and ensure that good castings aren’t scrapped too.

DISA TAG is also the perfect foundation for process quality optimisation with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The accurate casting-level data helps the AI self-learn much more quickly, makes optimisation more accurate and so maximises scrap reduction.

TAG screen

DISA Trace and Guidance - The Missing Link

A video case story at AAPICO Agueda

DISA TAG – for the most accurate data-based view of your process

  • Improved casting quality
  • Avoid scrapping and re-melting good castings
  • Reduced costs, lower energy consumption, greater sustainability
  • Easily sort out bad castings during QC inspection
  • Full casting traceability in its lifetime