Accelerate your digital journey with Monitizer®

Around the world, foundries are on a digital journey. The goal? To use data to enhance operations and productivity. That journey breaks down into four steps: You collect, visualise and analyse the data, and then you intervene in the process to optimise it, applying what you’ve learned from the data. So far, so familiar. But if you digitise and automate these four steps, one by one, the loop closes and your data continuously drives improvements.

What is possible?

Using Monitizer® | CIM, individual foundries can collect data across multiple machines, then visualise it to understand their processes and inform improvements. With Monitizer® | DISCOVER, managers can aggregate data from multiple global foundries, lines or sites, report and analyse it, and again use the learnings to inform improvements.

So, no matter whether foundries are experts or beginners, they can improve their business performance by looking for possible improvements and intervening to make them happen. With Monitizer, DISA can already help businesses turn their data into value right now.

Monitizer® | PRESCRIBE takes an even bigger leap forward, with automated analytics that deliver dynamic, real-time process control across the entire line. This practical, proven service employs Artificial Intelligence to significantly reduce scrap and improve profitability.

The latest Norican digital technology supports better decision making, delivering improved productivity, quality – and profit.