DISA RSS: Fast virtual support when you need it

Tough troubleshooting challenges often lead to a request for an onsite visit. But engineers take time to arrive and travel costs can add up fast while email and phone support can be slow and time-consuming. Isn’t there a way to get expert help faster? DISA Remote Smart Services (RSS) is the answer.

RSS uses augmented technology to stream real-time video and audio directly to a DISA expert, from your smartphone or tablet.

Ready to help when needed, the DISA expert can instantly look at the machine through your eyes and provide vital information on your technical issue. Because their time is used much more efficiently, your service costs will be lower too.

The augmented reality features within RSS let our engineers visually inspect the machine while showing you instructions on how to repair it. It’s bi-directional too, so you can chat, text (with real-time translation) and share images, documents and other information seamlessly.

  • Instant expert troubleshooting to solve the problem quickly
  • Minimum downtime, up and running again faster
  • No expensive travel
  • Lower service costs

With RSS and augmented support technology, problems can be solved more easily and solutions are found faster. That gives you less unplanned downtime and, with no need for engineers to travel, lower costs too.