DISA targets UN sustainable development goals

Working to help reach the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is complicated and challenging. It demands multiple parallel efforts in many different spheres. In making its contribution, DISA is leveraging its greatest asset: technical excellence.

At DISA, we see sustainability and efficiency as two sides of the same coin. A lean, low energy, low waste foundry process is a more sustainable process.

As part of DISA’s commitment to sustainability, we align our own sustainability efforts with the relevant UN Goals.

The UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development aim to promote prosperity while protecting the planet for future generations. First adopted in September 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals range from zero poverty and hunger through affordable clean energy to responsible production and consumption.

The two main UN Goals that DISA targets are Goal 9: “Industry, innovation and infrastructure”; and Goal 17: “Partnerships for the Goals”.

Through technology transfer and local manufacturing initiatives, we help make modern foundry equipment accessible and affordable for developing nations in the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere.