DISACOOL Cooling Drums

The all-in-one separation and cooling machine for sand and castings.

The DISACOOL ensures a gentle and effective separation as well as cooling of sand and castings using a unique water evaporation system.

The result of more than 30 years’ development, the all-in-one system eliminates the need for a separate shake-out, sand cooler and casting cooler.

Compared to a traditional shake-out, sand cooler and casting cooler the DISACOOL offers:

  • Lower capital investment
  • Low operation costs
  • Less noise
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimum service and maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Short cooling times
  • A highly efficient combination of mould shake-out, sand cooling, lump crushing, homogenisation and casting cooling in one process.
  • Complete integration with moulding line Enclosed process for a cleaner and quieter foundry

Effective cooling of castings and sand

The moulding sand and castings are cooled by evaporation of residual water in the sand and water is sprayed into the drum.
A counter air flow through the drum removes the resulting water vapour and increases the cooling effect.

  • Castings are tumbled gently with the sand in a smooth process lasting 20-30 minutes.
  • Sand lumps are broken and the sand is effectively blended prior to screening off in the drum end screening section.
  • The cooled castings are discharged at the DISACOOL outlet.




We have achieved attractive savings since changing over to the DISACOOL. The gentle handling of the castings in the cooling drum itself and the low sand discharge temperature with the installation of a secondary cooling and remoistening system mean that we can directly recycle sand back to the sand plant

V. Narasimhan, Executive Director, Brakes India Limited, India

DISACOOL key features

  • Rotary shake-out
  • Cooler of sand and castings
  • Sand homogenisation
  • Sand lump breaker
  • Sand screening
  • Castings pre-cleaner

DISACOOL moulding line interface

DISACOOL Cooling Drum process interface can be used in connection with a DISAMATIC or DISA MATCH moulding machine.

  • Information about each mould is send to the DISACOOL water dosing control system
  • The water dosing control system uses the moulding line information for water adding optimisation
  • CIM 2.11 Cooling Drum interface is required