DISA Training: create your workforce experts

Powering team performance

When you buy the best equipment, naturally you want highly skilled personnel to manage it. But those skills aren’t always easy to find. DISA Training educates your employees in machine operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. They can learn from the same specialists who created your DISA equipment, mixing theoretical classroom tuition with practical hands-on training on your own moulding lines.

Benefits include better casting quality, reduced downtime and increased parts lifetime, with lower maintenance and overall costs.

The end result? An expert workforce that knows your machinery inside out – and substantial returns from your training investment.

Realise your full potential

DISA Training produces competent and confident staff, motivated to drive your business forward. With more experts on your team, you can apply best practice working techniques, adopt the latest technologies and optimise machine settings to suit foundry processes.

  • Empower your workforce: well-trained staff can work in teams or independently with less supervision
  • Higher job satisfaction translates to greater loyalty and makes recruitment easier
  • Troubleshoot quickly, with fewer line stoppages and more uptime

Training that fits your needs

DISA offers a range of training courses to suit new or existing customers.
Courses range in length from days to weeks. They can be delivered at your location or at DISA’s headquarters in Taastrup, Denmark.

Online basic training courses are also available using video conferencing services such as Microsoft Teams. These cover the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of DISA moulding systems.

DISA Training options include:

  • Standard and tailor-made courses
  • Advanced tuition for experienced maintenance staff
  • Combined training courses and service visits
  • Final exam and certificate to verify learning

DISA training video

Watch the video and find out how our specialists help you create your next generation of foundry experts.

At OSCO, we believe that training in moulding equipment functionality is an intelligent investment. The DISA training offering has ensured that we have our own experts onsite and we believe that this enables us to realise the full potential of our DISA equipment.

William Burke Jr., Director of Maintenance, OSCO Industries Inc.