The DISAMATIC D1 is a compact vertical moulding machine with the power and precision to increase competitive edge, both for smaller foundries and foundries producing smaller mass-produced castings, through higher output and quality.

DISAMATIC D1, Green Sand Vertical Moulding Solution


301 - 350 moulds per hour

Key Benefits

High quality moulds at a speed of up to 315 uncored moulds per hour

Excellent accuracy - machining and trimming reduced to a minimum

Lowest cost per casting and short payback time

World-class service and support with DISA Global Services

Small but Mighty

  • A green sand vertical moulding solution with a compact footprint, available in two versions; a high-output and a standard version,
  • DISAMATIC D1 is ideal for high-speed, high-quality production of smaller ferrous, aluminium and copper castings, it offers flexible production options well suited for jobbing foundries running shorter series of castings.
  • A state-of-the-art control system and operator interface ensure highest levels of automation and minimal operator requirements.
  • It delivers high-precision moulds, achieving a machine related mismatch of less than 0.2 mm.
  • Both machine versions offer a mould size of 400 mm by 500 mm, with a mould thickness of 100-315 mm. The standard version can produce up to 205 uncored and 185 cored moulds per hour, while the high-output version achieves a speed of up to 315 uncored and 285 cored moulds per hour.

Supports that pays

DISA offers worldwide support of the DISAMATIC D1 to help maximise foundry performance at all times, thanks to

  • fast delivery of original spare parts
  • on-site technical support from offices close to you
  • 24-hour support hotline
  • DISA TOPS, DISA’s exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme
  • application and training experts on demand

Hit your growth targets

For all foundries, growth comes from producing more, producing more efficiently or creating higher-value products. Smaller foundries, or those producing smaller castings, can achieve all three of these growth targets by investing in high performance vertical moulding technology in its most compact form: the DISAMATIC D1.

First launched as the DISAMATIC 2110, the DISAMATIC D1 has evolved continuously over the past 30 years, drawing on learnings from a global installed base of currently more than 150 machines.Today, it is part of our flagship “D” line-up of high-end vertical moulding equipment, helping foundries around the world liberate optimum casting performance and quality.

Sustainability that pays

  • The DISAMATIC D1 is designed to deliver sustainable performance. It creates a safer, more sustainable working environment.
  • The DISAMATIC D1 is manufactured using environmentally responsible materials and safety processes according to ISO 14001 and CE certification.

Features that makes the difference

Increased speed and capacity

The DISAMATIC D1’s high moulding speed and efficiency features ensure foundries can maximise their output per shift, unlocking additional capacity or delivering jobs faster.

The latest version comes with an even faster and more reliable optional core setter (CSE). The CSE unit automatically insert cores into the mould for high-productivity, high precision casting.

The optional Quick Pattern Change unit (QPC) facilitates and speeds up pattern changing to reduce pattern changing time and minimising the risk of errors.

Enhanced working environment

The DISAMATIC D1 is an integrated, compact moulding solution designed to minimise repetitive manual tasks and create a clean, modern working environment.

Accessories like the new QPC unit support this, reducing operator fatigue and delivering more precise, consistent results.

Outstanding reliability

With its robust design perfected over time, the DISAMATIC D1 features relatively few moving parts for outstanding reliability. Its world-class PLC system optimises all the functions and movements of the enhanced mechanical and hydraulic system. This means maximum uptime and a moulding line that never skips a beat.

The fully synchronised Automatic Mould Conveyor (AMC) and Synchronised Belt Conveyors (SBC) ensure high precision mould transport throughout the entire cooling line.

The Mould Side Support (MSS) accessory provides additional support to the sand mouldings in the AMC’s pouring zone, with a constant and adjustable pressure force.

Intuitive and automated operation

Updates to controls and operator interface enable super-fast troubleshooting and intuitive operation. The latest know-how has been applied to allow the machine to (almost) look after itself. This includes auto-diagnosis of electrical hardware for troubleshooting and automatic adjustment of machine setting based on pre-entered pattern data.

With the performance enhancing features of our new DISAMATIC D1 we are adding further to the capacity, speed and quality, which will maintain our position as a superior competitor in the market

Philippe BOISSON, President of Fonderie Boisson

Technical specifications

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Measurements:  Metric  Metric  US  US 
Mould dimensions:        
400 mm
15.7 inches
500 mm
19.7 inches
100-315 mm
3.9-12.4 inches
0.2 mm
0.008 inches
Low Mould capacity:
205 mould/hour*
205 mould/hour*
185 mould/hour*
185 mould/hour*
Cooling time max
86 min* 86 min*
Sand consumption max
18 tonnes/h**
20 tons/h**
Power consumption
67 KW 67 KW
Connected load
84 KVA 84 KVA
Air consumption
3.2 Nm3/min
113 Ncu ft/min
High Mould capacity:
315 mould/hour*
315 mould/hour*
285 mould/hour*
285 mould/hour*
Cooling time max
47 min*
53 min*
Sand consumption max
28 tonnes/h**
29 tons/h**
Power consumption
67 KW 67 KW
Connected load
84 KVA 84 KVA
Air consumption
4.3 Nm3/min
152 Ncu ft/min
Conveyor length max:
50 m 164.1 ft
Cooling Water (DMS):
at 15 C inlet temp.
15 litres/min 2 gallons/min
 Squeeze pressure 1.5-12.5 kp/cm2 30-185 psi
 Shot pressure 0-5.5  kp/cm2 0-81 psi
 Compressed air:        
 Air pressure min. 5.5 bar 81 psi
 Hydraulic fluid (DMS) 550 litres 145 gallons
 Machine Dimensions (DMM)        
 Height 2880 mm 113.4 Inches 
 Width 1700 mm 66.9 Inches
 Length 4140 mm 163 Inches
 Net Weight  5.6 tonnes    


*At 200 mm (7.9 inches) mould thickness

**At max. mould thickness



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