Shuttle Cooling Conveyor (SCC)

you can extend the in-mould cooling time, even with limited space. 

Running out of space or need flexible in-mould cooling time?

The main benefits of the Shuttle Cooling Conveyor include

  • Possibility to install DISAMATIC machines in limited spaces
  • Total production loss per shuttle of 50-70 sec
  • Option to "park" parts that require extremely long cooling times on 1 conveyor
  • Flexibility and optimum output with longer cooling time and shorter Synchronised Belt Conveyor (SBC) length

Did you know that DISA Shuttle can run with 2 or 3 Sand Belt Conveyors in parallel for optimum productivity

Watch the Shuttle Cooling Conveyor in action

Payback time for a 3x24m SCC at 15,000 t/y, utilized for 1/5 of the parts, could be as short as only 1 year!

There are many ways to upgrade your current moulding machine ensuring you benefit from the latest technological advances.

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