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Application Services - what is it?

DISA Application Services is a global consultancy service for owners of moulding equipment.


Made up of the world’s best foundry troubleshooters, DISA Application Services team’s deep and broad knowledge of the entire casting process will improve all aspects of foundry performance; whether you are struggling to solve a problem or want to specify new machinery for your moulding line, our expert consultants are ready to help.


We understand the complexity of foundry processes and every type of equipment involved – DISA or non-DISA.  Foundries of all sizes trust DISA Application Services team to do a review and tackle issues such as:

  • high scrap rates
  • poor surface finish
  • low productivity
  • mould mismatch and sand inclusions
  • sand burn and hot tear

Intelligence that improves performance

DISA Application specialists evaluate every last detail to diagnose a problem’s cause - from machine settings, sand mixing and optimal mould density to metal properties, pattern design and surface finish - then they guide you through the improvement journey, testing and measuring, making recommendations and managing their implementation.  DISA Application Services Team will be with you through the entire project.


Results driven


The team will ensure that the foundry will be working at peak performance after their recommendations have been implemented, including:

  • reduced scrap rate, a faster process or higher output
  • higher productivity and casting quality
  • significant bottom line benefits

The DISA Application team continues to work with us to improve our cookware pattern gating and optimize our casting process. The results are everything we hoped for: less scrap and higher cookware quality.

Larry Raydo, Technical Services Manager, Lodge Manufacturing Co., South Pittsburg, TN, USA

Process improvements that last

Observations, analysis and advice

The Application Services Report summarises the work in each application. This contains:

  • a logical, step-by-step analysis of each process and its parameters
  • clear explanation of theories, observations, adjustments and tests
  • a roadmap for future improvements

Diagnostics at your disposal

Complex foundry operations require sophisticated diagnostics. The Application Services team can access high-tech tools often unavailable to smaller foundries and they know exactly how to apply them to pinpoint your problem’s root cause.

Mass spectrometry analysis reveals a casting’s chemical make-up while Magmasoft simulation software provides a comprehensive toolbox for optimizing casting designs, tooling layouts and production processes.

Magmasoft’s sophisticated simulations include sand moulding, gravity die casting, core shooting and curing, with a custom DISA module for vertical casting.

The right working relationship

Ready to help when you need us, we are flexible in how we work with you:

  • On-site support, no matter where in the world you are
  • Short-term or ongoing engagements
  • Fixed day or weekly rates
  • Win-win contracts give payment by results

Remote consultancy option available

Using DISA’s Remote Smart Application (RSA), you can discuss actions and improvements via online conference calls and send real-time video streams of component issues.

  • Reduce the need for onsite presence and avoid expensive travel
  • Cope with Covid restrictions
  • Standard MS Teams and TeamViewer technology
  • Secure, encrypted communications

We entered into a win-win contract with DISA Application in 2016. The services provided under this contract have significantly improved the overall performance of the K&F foundry.

Yongjun Zhou, President, Taigu Xin Kanaifu Plumbing Equipment Co., Ltd, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, China

Wisdom on demand - Working with the best in the business

The DISA Application team contains those rare people: specialists who know green sand casting processes and equipment inside out.  They combine authoritative theoretical knowledge with decades of practical experience. They know what can go wrong and why – and how to fix it.

During the engagement, they transfer their wisdom to your in-house staff. Those enhanced skills deliver ongoing performance improvements – value that lasts for years to come.

The DISA Application team contains the world’s leading foundry specialists. If you want to benefit from their wisdom, contact us

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