DISA Melt Overflow Cover (MOC)

keeps molten metal where it belongs – safely on top of the mould! No spills means no more iron-coated thrust bars from melt overflow, over-pours and leakages.

DISA MOC is available on DISAMATIC D3, DISA 2013 MK5, DISA 130/131 and DISA 230/231

Do you want to stop melt overflow?

With DISA MOC you get:
  • No melt on moving parts of conveyor​
  • No more stopping to clean up from metal overrun​
  • Higher uptime and less maintenance
and it bolts straight onto your existing conveyor​ so no hassle to add to your production line.

The payback time for DISA MOC is only 6 months based on saving 3 minutes down time per day!

Watch the animation to see how the MOC works

We’re often told that over-pours and leakages are just a fact of life in foundries. So we’ve made it our mission to find a solution. With MOC, we’ve adapted our systems to not only handle, but to directly counteract this daily reality of spills and leakages. Only a few days into its release, the MOC is already proving to be a very popular feature.

Lars Hjelm, Global Product Manager

With fewer stops in production DISA MOC increases the number of moulds produced

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