DISA Total Optimisation Production Services (TOPS)

DISA TOPS in brief

DISA Total Optimisation Production Services (TOPS) is an exclusive customer inspection, service and maintenance programme for owners of DISA molding equipment. DISA TOPS provides the predictable overview you need to ensure optimum performance, costeffectiveness and customer satisfaction.
Optimum performance DISA TOPS gives you the re-assurance that your DISA moulding machine will deliver continuous optimised performance and cost-efficiency needed to run your business successfully. Regular inspection and service visits by a dedicated DISA service engineer help you ensure your DISA moulding equipment is kept in perfect operating condition.

This means:

  • Minimised downtime and maintenance costs
  • Reduced scrap and finishing costs
  • Lowest costs per casting DISA TOPS Report

All observations and recommendations are compiled in an easy-to-read TOPS report including:

  • Equipment status report for management and maintenance staff
  • Detailed inspection list with equipment status
  • Recommended spare part stock levels

Reduced rates on all Services

During the active period of the DISA TOPS Agreement, all working hours on-site on the DISA moulding line according to the agreement will be carried out at reduced rates. See the DISA Global Service Price List.

Optimum availability

The dedicated DISA TOPS team of specialised service engineers and support functions are always on hand with:

  • 24-hour hotline support
  • Fast response by a specialist who is familiar with your equipment
  • Delivery of original DISA spare parts
  • Single point of contact for coordination and planning

DISA TOPS helped us to maximize our uptime precisely because our programme is customized to our specific needs and based on all of the relevant DISA machinery and equipment involved in our production from the incoming raw materials to the final product ready for dispatch to our customers. In our case, hands-on training of maintenance staff as well as scheduled maintenance planning and an optimized spare parts inventory were the most important aspects of achieving the uptime increase we were looking for. We are pleased to say that our general equipment efficiency has increased by more than 20% due to the DISA TOPS programme.

Ralf Stog, Former Managing Director Alexandria Automotive Casting, Eqypt

The four steps of DISA TOPS

1. Assessment meeting

  • Meeting to review current conditions and needs
  • Review the expectations for the visit and any specific needs
  • Identify operational challenges (scrap, downtime, MPH, etc.)


2. Visual inspection

  • Visual inspection of machine condition and protection system according to the checklist
  • Inspection of parameters, settings and performance

3. Functionality inspection

  • Functionality inspection according to the checklist
  • Functionality inspection of protection system
  • Fine tuning Adjustments for proper operation of equipment
  • Identify condition and prioritize current and future needs 


4. Management meeting

  • Review all activities, inspection- and service report and spare parts inventory
  • Identify all adjustments made and improvements
  • Review recommendations for future needs (service, training and spare parts)


TOPS experiences from OSCO and Lodge

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