DISA customer is ‘BEST IN TEST’

It’s official: Epicurious, a US-based food connoisseur website, has voted the VICTORIA 30 cm skillet from Colombian foundry MECANICOS UNIDOS the best straight-of-the-box cast iron skillet. Made on DISA moulding technology, the skillet from the VICTORIA cookware series is highly praised and recommended by Epicurious, earning it an overall high score of excellence for both design and pre-seasoned coating.

MECANICOS UNIDOS – a family-owned cast iron foundry, renowned all over South and Latin America as well as in other parts of the world for its VICTORIA brand kitchenware – recently impressed Epicurious – a highly trusted, popular and award-winning digital voice in food. With its timeless, yet modern appearance, the VICTORIA skillet by Colombian MECANICOS UNIDOS was labelled BEST IN TEST as the best straight-of-the-box cast iron skillet in an official evaluation of a wide variety of skillets.

Emily Johnson from Epicurious emphasized: “Cast iron skillets are having a moment right now. We wanted to know if the fancy new design features are really valuable and worthy of the higher price tag and, ultimately, find out what’s the best cast iron skillet that money can buy”.

The VICTORIA skillet was bestowed the prestigious seal of approval thanks to its excellent design, including the extra long handle, deeper pour spouts, large helper handle and the pre-seasoned coating.

Cooking up deliciousness since 1939

Founded in 1939, MECANICOS UNIDOS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tortilla presses, skillets, Dutch ovens, woks, griddles, grain grinders and meat grinders. Since the introduction of the moulding line DISA 231 (now DISAMATIC D3), the Colombian foundry has experienced tremendous change – primarily going from manual jolt squeezers to state-of-the-art vertical moulding. And although owner Andrés Felipe Mejia has been proud of his company’s product portfolio for many years, the recognition from Epicurious is a source of special pleasure, because he sees a clear link to the DISA moulding equipment installed:

“In May 2014, we placed the order for a DISA 231 (now DISAMATIC D3). Today, I believe that the future of our company lies within this system, because it’s much more than ‘just’ equipment; it’s also an entire technological solution surrounding the equipment. Not only has it allowed us to further develop and perfect our product line and build new business opportunities; it has also brought us the recognition from Epicurious in the USA”.

He continues: “Due to DISA, we have increased our product line on the US market, and all our new skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens and woks have been made on our DISA 231 (now DISAMATIC D3) line. In consequence, we’ve been able to further position our VICTORIA brand kitchenware and have already increased our sales volume; a fact which I hope – and expect – will only become more evident with this BEST IN TEST recognition. So we’re all very proud at MECANICOS UNIDOS these days”.

The survey results are also a cause for celebration at DISA:

“We’re very pleased and proud that the VICTORIA kitchenware has been named BEST IN TEST. It’s a very well deserved recognition that has been earned through a lot of hard work, and a never failing commitment to high quality. Hearing MECANICOS UNIDOS pass on the praise to DISA by saying that part of the ambitious results have been achieved by our moulding technology and equipment makes us even more proud, and we warmly congratulate Andrés Mejia and his entire staff at MECANICOS UNIDOS”, says Per Ejdorf, VP Sales & Service ROW at Norican Group.

You can read the full Epicurious skillet review article here.