First high-speed DISAMATIC C3 solution installed in China


The first-ever high-speed DISAMATIC C3 machines have been installed and commissioned on the Chinese market in August 2016. It was a major customer milestone, representing part of an on-going expansion strategy to support the development of the overseas market for Weifang 100tong Casting Co. Ltd.

The plan of the well-reputed Chinese foundry is to install a total of four new moulding lines in one of their two plants. Weifang 100tong made the strategic choice to apply DISAMATIC C3 technology to replace its current local, low-speed semi-automotive moulding solutions.

Capacity and quality benefits from the latest DISA vertical technology

The north plant of Weifang 100tong was built in 2011 and is now used to produce epoxy pipe in an overall area of 170,000 m2. The two DISAMATIC C3-B-350 lines are now producing high-quality castings.

Weifang 100tong’s plans to have the this plant equipped with two more DISAMATIC C3 high-speed moulding lines should take the current annual production capacity of the foundry from 25,000 to 70,000 tonnes. The south plant at Weifang 100tong covers a total area of 70,000 m2. Its seven workshops – extending from casting, machining and moulding to polishing, coating and packing – has an annual production capacity that currently exceeds 100,000 tonnes.

Specifically targeted to small and medium-sized foundries

The high-speed DISAMATIC C3 is a moulding technology specifically designed to fulfil the needs of small and medium-sized foundries.

The DISAMATIC D3 moulding line is now available globally, as part of the new DISA signature vertical moulding series replacing the previous DISA 230 and 231 moulding lines. All in all, it is a vertical technology designed to raise the industry bar and revolutionize standards for speed, quality and reliability as well as cost effective production and the work environment.

Leader of the Chinese pipe industry and world-renowned brand

Weifang 100tong was established in 2002 in the Shandong province of China. Today, the foundry specializes in ductile iron grooved fittings and couplings, valves and coated steel pipes. Apart from being the leader of the pipe industry in China, Weifang 100tong is a well-known brand worldwide through its exports to the USA, Canada, South Africa and Australia, as well as many European and Middle Eastern countries. The company employs more than 500 dedicated professionals.