“It’s the best matchplate machine I have ever run"

Rochester Metal Products was founded more than 75 years ago in Rochester, Indiana in the USA. The company provides quality casting across a wide variety of industries and has long utilized DISA equipment to serve its vertical moulding lines.

Recently, Senior Vice President and General Manager Greg Loving decided to make the switch from a competitor’s piece of equipment to the new DISA MATCH 20/24 to satisfy their matchplate casting needs. The result was a dramatic improvement in both productivity and casting quality.

“We try to replace equipment before it fails, and we had one of our 20/24 matchplate machines that we felt was nearing the end of its life. So we began looking for a replacement, and after extensive research and touring foundries at random, it was decided that the DISA MATCH machine would give us what we were looking for to replace the machine that was failing”, says SVP and General Manager Greg Loving.

“We have several thousand patterns of which all are active, and we have 1,000-1,500 very active patterns, meaning that we make them at least once every couple of months. None of our work is long-run work, and thus part of the DISA package that was so attractive to us was the job change time. It is much, much quicker on this machine than on any other match plate machine I have been around”, states Mike Slaydon, Operations Manager at Rochester Metal Products.

“The quality of castings we are seeing – there is no question: There is an improved look. If we had this to do again, we would definitely purchase another DISA MATCH machine. I think we are sold on that”, comments Greg Loving prior to Mike Slaydon emphasizing:

“With this machine, we have seen a true 20% gain in productivity without any real change in the way we handle the jobs. Some of it is in machine speed, but mostly, it is in reliability”.

“I feel very confident in saying that the DISA MATCH makes a hard mould with a better finish on the castings, less parting-line tear-up, and it is just a more consistent mould that we see with this machine versus what we were using prior to it”, Greg Loving states.