Wheelabrator success story from Maurya Alloys, Kolhapur

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Improved machine performance and productivity with Wheelabrator EZEFIT wheels.

Maurya Alloys has been using Wheelabrator make shot blast machine since 2019. Maurya Alloys maintenance and purchase team relied on another make wheels parts which resulted in low productivity, high wear replacement cost and further damage to the machine.

DISA India aftermarket team reached to Maurya Alloys team to audit the machine to find out root cause of machine’s deteriorating health and found non genuine parts usage creating problem. DISA team proposed a wheel performance study with the other make wheel. Wheelabrator make EZEFIT wheel blade outperforms other make blade in life by more than triple in life. After the wheel performance, the Mantri Metallics team decided to go with Wheelabrator parts for the maintenance of the machine.

“We have been using Wheelabrator shot blast machine VH10/12 in our foundry since 2019. 

For the parts availability and affordability, we started procuring shot blast consumables from the local suppliers. DISA India aftermarket team reached out to us with their local warehouse to offer parts available next to us. 

We checked wheel performance in comparison to another brand's wheel. Wheelabrator EZEFIT wheels outperforms another make wheel by more than 3 times in lifespan. We now decided to replace all other make wheels by Wheelabrator EZEFIT wheels in our shot blast machine. 

We are seeing much improved machine performance and productivity.” 

– Mr. Vishwas Khot, Manager Maintenance, Maurya Alloys.

Wheel comparison table:

Maurya Wheels comparison


About Maurya Alloys: Maurya Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is located at Kagal, The plant promises world-class technology in several ways. The fully automated foundry and machining facility will stand on seven acres of land and developed in four phases.

Maurya Alloys is based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

DISA India has supplied complete foundry solutions with Match 24X28 high pressure moulding machine, sand plant with mixer, Shot blast machines and dust collectors.

The future: Maurya Alloys is a happy DISA customer, and we look forward to working with them for a more sustainable future to improve foundry efficiency.

Team Involved:

DISA India Limited, Region: IMEA

  • DISA Aftermarket: Girish Raju
  • Distributor: Foundry Equipment Engineer, Kolhapur

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