Next-generation prescriptive maintenance with Monitizer | DETECT

Monitizer | DETECT alerts you when your DISA machine needs attention and advises on the best course of action.

Keep your DISA equipment in perfect health

Does your maintenance strategy deliver highest machine reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost? That’s exactly what Monitizer | DETECT’s prescriptive maintenance does.

Monitizer | DETECT constantly monitors and analyses every single sensor on your DISA moulding equipment. If it spots a problem, it notifies you instantly – and supplies expert recommendations from DISA engineers on how to fix it – all in real time.

Instead of replacing parts or making adjustments at fixed intervals, you’ll know exactly when maintenance is required. And, with DISA’s advice, you’ll know precisely what to do too.

The result? Equipment that keeps running perfectly with fewer maintenance interruptions, letting your technical specialists focus on more valuable work.

Delivered as a cloud service, Monitizer | DETECT requires little or no new hardware, no extra staff and zero capital investment.

Monitizer | DETECT saves you money:

  • Lower downtime, higher productivity – with advance warning, you can repair the machine before it breaks
  • Less waste – only replace parts when necessary
  • Fix problems quickly – DISA engineers recommend the best solution
  • Better use of maintenance resources, expert advice for your staff
  • Leverage all your machine data – get early warning of upcoming problems
  • Higher process performance – keep your DISA machines running just right

Monitizer | DETECT’s next-generation prescriptive maintenance service helps you optimise your service regime and machine performance – at the lowest possible cost.

How does Monitizer | DETECT work?

Monitizer | DETECT collects raw sensor data from the moulding machine and turns it into “smart data”: operating parameters that show how well critical components and assemblies like the hydraulic system, sand hopper or mould transport are working.

 Monitizer detect

DETECT compares these smart data values to its expert-defined thresholds, automatically checking for out-of-tolerance measurements that indicate machine condition is drifting below optimal performance and faults might develop.

If operating data is outside the normal range, DETECT notifies you with a description of the problem, plus a recommendation on the best actions to take. You can also check historical machine condition data to see how a problem has evolved over time.

When the data shows the machine is operating normally again, this triggers a further DETECT notification.


DETECT graph

This graph shows how a moulding machine’s sand gate valve opening and closing times can gradually drift out of tolerance. That can mean it requires lubrication or adjustment. DETECT alerts you when the movement duration rises above the maximum and suggests actions.

With early notification, you can fix the problem before it becomes critical and possibly causes the machine to stop. As the graph shows, valve operation returns to normal after checking and adjusting.


“Monitizer | DETECT monitors the health of your DISA machine. It alerts you when it isn’t working correctly and advises the best action to take – all in real time.”

Kasper Paw Madsen, Head of Product Portfolio Development & Marketing at DISA.