DISA vertical green sand moulding machines set the standard for speed, quality, reliability, cost effective production and work environment.
More than 1,430 foundries all over the world have installed DISAMATIC moulding machines for production of a wide variety of casting types and sizes.


  • Mould sizes available between 500 x 400mm and 1200 x 1050 mm
  • Superior uptime and reliability to optimize your productivity
  • Exceptional mould accuracy resulting in less machining costs
  • Durable design for simple operation and maintenance
  • Designed to be safe, lean and clean ‐ a sustainable solution 

C Lines

The clever choice

Every foundry can be a DISA foundry with a smaller casting machine.  Specifically developed for small and medium-size foundries, providing efficient and up-to-date castings production. DISAMATIC C Line is competitively priced and will prove to deliver high profitability over a longer service life.


D Lines

Liberating performance

The most popular DISAMATIC equipment, consistent, reliable ensuring the lowest cost for quality castings.



Big castings, big performance

For foundries that are still producing larger castings, such as engine blocks, pipe fittings, fire hydrants, large pumps and manhole covers, on big flask lines, the DISAMATIC
240-280 range offers the opportunity to step up productivity and casting quality and make large moulds faster than ever before.