DISA in conversation with Turkish foundries

In May, DISA, Tüdöksad – the Turkish foundry association, and Meta-Mak – DISA’s agent in Turkey, held a technical symposium which attracted over 100 small and midsized foundry owners and operators.

Many jolt squeeze and floor moulding foundry specialists met in Konya to discover the features and key benefits of the DISAMATIC C3 – our entry-level vertical moulding machine. The small and midsized foundries learned how the DISAMATIC C3 is an affordable and accessible vertical moulding machine enabling the conversion from manual to automated processes. It has already proven a turning point for similar foundries in India and China.

The DISAMATIC C3 has the power and precision to increase competitive edge for exactly the type of foundries located in the Konya area - seeking to produce higher quality of casting at lower cost per kilogram. Existing jolt squeeze or manual process methods, used by many small and midsized foundries, have proven to produce inconsistent casting quality and high mismatch. The symposium presentations introduced different moulding options, including the move from manual moulding to automation, and delivered a case study on 22 DISAMATIC C3 machines which are already in use in India. Most of them were installed in only 2 weeks, and all of them offer a machine return on investment of 1-3 years (depending on utilization).

In addition to the DISAMATIC C3 presentations, the technical symposium also covered high-end moulding lines, such as the DISAMATIC D3 and the DISA MATCH 32/32 (used for the production of brake drums). Also generating interest was the DISA FLEX horizontal moulding technology - known for its high accuracy with a mismatch of max. 0.25 mm, a capacity of 120 mph, and excellent reliability and uptime.

Konya was carefully chosen as the location for the “Now, every foundry can be a DISA foundry” symposium. It is one of the largest cities in Turkey, and home to more than 300 small and midsized, family-owned foundries. Although the agricultural-based industries continue to play a role in Konya, the city has evolved into a centre for component manufacturing for the automotive, machinery manufacturing, agricultural tools and casting industries.

A strong Turkish industry

Turkey’s largely free-market economy is driven by its industry and, increasingly, service sectors, although its traditional agricultural sector still accounts for about 25% of employment in the country. The automotive, petrochemical and electronics industries have surpassed the traditional textile and clothing sector within Turkey’s export mix.

Since 2014, productivity and growth have slowed down. The national foundry industry, however, remains strong as was demonstrated in the presentations given by three of the largest foundries and industry trendsetters in Turkey, who also shared their experiences of DISA products and services. All three foundries are world-class examples of major, professionally-run businesses, producing up to 100,000 tonnes of high-quality iron castings on up to six DISA moulding lines.

One of the DISA customers at the symposium stated: “Purchasing DISA equipment is a strategic choice to continuously boost and extend our efforts to find the most cost-effective and quality-guaranteed way of making truck and railroad castings. DISA’s innovative technology coupled with our own sense of quality and customer orientation makes an end result of increased capacity, mould quality and yield”.

Thank you!

“From DISA, we would like to express a warm thank you to the Turkish foundry association Tüdöksad and our local agent Meta-Mak for organizing the event. We feel confident that it’s precisely these types of events and close partnerships that will allow us to continue to innovate and lead technology advances. It was fantastic to get the opportunity to interact with so many foundries at once, and we believe that the scale of the symposium echoes the potential of the Turkish foundry industry. We look forward to expanding our relations and working even more closely in the future”, concludes Lars Astrup Olsen, Equipment Sales Manager at DISA.