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Intellectual property 

The respect for and our protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an integrated part of our thinking. We respect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of others. When creating new innovation IPR is incorporated into several stages of our development process. We protect new innovations with patents when feasible.



 2019 Trance and Guidance (TAG) - Concepts introduced
 2019 Monitizer - Launched
 2018 DISA MAC: Mould Accuracy Controller for DISAMATIC D3 - Launched
 2017 DISAMATIC C3 350 - Launched
 2016 DISAMATIC C3 150 & 250 Launched 
 2015 MAC: Mould Accuracy Controller - Concept introduced
 2015 AFS: Automatic Filter Setter - Concept introduced
 2015 DFC: DISA Foundry Cockpit - Concept introduced
 2015 DISAMATIC D3 introduced
 2012 MATCH 20/24 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2011 DISA 231 Fast introduced
 2011 DISA 280-C, the world’s largest vertical moulding machine introduced
 2010 DISA MATCH 24/28 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2009 DISA FLEX 80 flaskline introduced
 2008 DISA MATCH 32/32 (and 28/32), world largest flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2008 DISA TOPS Process, Streamlined Gating System
 2008 DISA RP core machine introduced
 2007 DISA 231, world's fastest vertical moulding machine to set new standards in the industry
 2007 DISA EP core machine introduced