DISA Innovation

Inspired by ‘better’

At DISA, we’ve always been about innovative engineering and creative thinking. About looking at all the different ways we can achieve one goal. Better.

It’s a process that starts with our customers. We listen, learn, draw on the experience and knowledge of our in-house R&D team - from mathematical engineers and control technicians, to foundry-floor specialists with decades of machinery management under their belts  – and develop exciting solutions that will add value to any foundry. 

Solutions like DISAMATIC, our world leading vertical moulding machine for lower costs, greater precision and higher yields. Like Adjustable Squeeze Distribution, industry-first functionality that ensures exactly the right pressure is applied in exactly the right spot to perfectly match mould pattern complexity and surface texture requirements. And like DISA MAC, our Mould Accuracy Controller, which uses clever measuring automation and sophisticated software to guarantee perfect ‘pre-pour mould alignment’ for precision casting that reduces waste, improves mould quality and delivers consistency. 




 2020 DISA MATCH 14/19 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced 
 2020 DISAMIX - most advanced, fastest and efficient bentonite-bonded mixer launched 
 2020 Monitizer | PRESCRIBE AI solution launched, powered by partnership with DataProphet 
 2019 DISA TAG Trance and Guidance (TAG) - Concepts introduced
 2019 The Monitizer digital platform launched, including Monitizer|CIM and Monitizer | GLOBAL
 2018 DISA MAC: Mould Accuracy Controller for DISAMATIC D3 - Launched
 2017 DISAMATIC C3 350 - Launched
 2016 DISAMATIC C3 150 & 250 Launched 
 2015 MAC: Mould Accuracy Controller introduced
 2015 DISA AFS: Automatic Filter Setter introduced
 2015 DFC: DISA Foundry Cockpit - Concept introduced
 2015 DISAMATIC D3 introduced
 2012 MATCH 20/24 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2011 DISA 231 Fast introduced
 2011 DISA 280-C, the world’s largest vertical moulding machine introduced
 2010 DISA MATCH 24/28 flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2009 DISA FLEX 80 flaskline introduced
 2008 DISA MATCH 32/32 (and 28/32), world largest flaskless matchplate moulding machine introduced
 2008 DISA TOPS Process, Streamlined Gating System
 2008 DISA RP core machine introduced
 2007 DISA 231, world's fastest vertical moulding machine to set new standards in the industry
 2007 DISA EP core machine introduced

DISA leading edge technology

As industries become more and more digital, you can trust DISA to be your expert partner every step of the way. We deploy leading-edge technologies to bring you innovation, products and services that help increase your overall productivity, quality and resource control.

We don’t innovate because we can. We innovate because it’s our job to be better every day, so that we can help customers do the same.


Smart simulations

With foundries, one size never fits all. And we love that. It’s why we’ve developed such a varied range of cast iron equipment (vertical, match plate and horizontal green sand), foundry equipment, solutions and services.

Whatever the scale. Whatever the production scope. We can always help.

It’s also why we’ve invested in pioneering foundry virtualisation technology that allows us to test, push and optimise solutions before they are even in the field.

With clever software we can create any configuration, follow exact specifications and run simulations based on customer-driven parameters. In short, we always have a way to test new theories crucial to product development. This innovation also means we always have ‘exact match machines’ on hand to quickly and cost-effectively trouble-shoot any issues or new challenges our customers may face, without the need for lengthy or disruptive on-site testing. If a customer has a cooling line 60m long. No problem, so do we. It’s an innovative testing tool that takes bespoke accuracy to a new level.

Collaboration is key

Innovation in isolation? No. For us, the best developments come from collaboration. And at DISA, this takes many forms.

For example, close dialogue and partnership with our customers means that we are the first to spot new opportunities that can enhance foundry performance and provide superior return on investment.

We have a dedicated ‘innovation box’ on our factory floor which brings workshop engineers and research professionals together for faster solution development. And our Foundry Optimization department is deliberately located just 10 steps always from our Research and Development team to ensure the latest advances become available to customers as quickly as possible.

Improved product costs, sand casting quality and higher total-up time. Working in partnership with customers and each other, makes innovation possible.

Spotlight on

With DISA MAC, foundries are able to spot and react to mould string inaccuracies in real time, before pouring. 
Watch this video to find out more.

Decades of innovation

Find out how our renowned DISAMATIC technology came to be, how it has evolved since 1962, and the very latest innovative developments that make it more relevent than ever. 
Watch this video to find out more.

Intellectual property 

The respect for and our protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an integrated part of our thinking. We respect the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of others. When creating new innovation IPR is incorporated into several stages of our development process. We protect new innovations with patents when feasible.