Celebrating 50 years with DISAMATIC

First launched at GIFA 1962

DISAMATIC for more than 50 years

In 2012 DISA Industries, was celebrating the 50th anniversary of the high powered DISAMATIC® vertical moulding principle. In 1962 the first DISAMATIC® vertical moulding machine prototype was launched at GIFA in Germany. This was the beginning of a transformation in the iron foundry industry. 
There are not a lot of technology principles that survive more than 10 years in the worldwide technology race, but thanks to continuous investment in research and development, and a constant focus on quality, size and speed, DISA Industries this year celebrates 50 years of DISAMATIC technology.

Today, the DISAMATIC vertical moulding machine caters to many capacity requirements, from the smallest cast fitting to heavy truck components. Machines include the DISA 2110, with a mould size from 400/500 mm, to the DISA 280-C, the world’s largest vertical moulding machine, with a mould size of 1050/1200 mm.

The continuity and stability in maintaining the DISAMATIC moulding principle has been supported by excellent cooperation with DISAMATIC customers. The technology continues to evolve as DISA is constantly alerted to customer suggestions and requests from its service organisation, which offers frequent visits and remote monitoring services. The development of the DISAMATIC moulding technology is due to a large extent to customer expectations and DISA’s thorough industry and market knowledge. 

DISA is proud to say, that it has developed, not only the state-of-the-art moulding principle, but also a close and loyal relationship with its customers.

Production Manager, Jostein Lunde of Jøtul Foundry, Norway puts it this way: "We replaced our DISAMATIC 2070 with a new DISA 270-A New Generation moulding machine and gained a 50% capacity increase. The DISA 270 is running at a steady speed of 410 moulds per hour. The high casting quality, low scrap rate and 20% lower finishing costs contribute significantly to the bottom line.”

Customer loyalty towards DISA and DISAMATIC provides the company with many other positive ROI (return on investment) statements, underlining that DISA’s constant investment in Research and Development over the last 50 years has created a sustainable vertical moulding principle, which is more relevant today than ever before.

“When mentioning pride, it is also important to emphasize that pride internally in DISA towards our products and technology is an important factor, adding to a respectful company culture and working environment. Sharing knowledge and transferring technology between the different DISA sites further ensures that our customers worldwide can rely on uniform and timely information”, says Peter Holm Larsen, President and COO, DISA Industries. 
“We look forward to serving our customers with cutting-edge moulding technology and thereby lowering their cost per casting – also for the next 50 years”.

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