Norican announces acquisition of Light Metal Casting Solutions Group

Taastrup, Denmark: Norican Global A/S ("Norican") the world's leading metallic parts enhancement company (by virtue of its ownership of both DISA and Wheelabrator Group) is pleased to announce that the company has entered into a binding agreement with Auctus Fund III GmbH & Co. KG, and its fellow investors (collectively referred to as "Auctus") to purchase 100% of their shares in Light Metal Casting Solutions Group ("LMCS").

"Two years ago we formed a strategic partnership with Altor, a leading Scandinavian private equity firm, to explore ways in which to better serve our customers", says Robert E. Joyce Jr., President and CEO.

"Today we are very proud to announce the first public step in this journey. Through the acquisition of LMCS, and their world class product portfolio of aluminium parts formation products represented by StrikoWestofen, ItalPresse and Gauss, we are dramatically broadening the value we can deliver to our global customers. We welcome the professional and seasoned LMCS executives to the Norican team, and look forward to working with them in bringing our combined value to the market."

"Our original investment in Norican was largely driven by the quality of the team and the leading technology offering of Norican. Similarly, the superior technology of LMCS and the quality of the whole LMCS team makes them an ideal fit for Norican. We look forward to supporting the combined entity on its future journey", commented Søren Johansen, Partner at Altor Equity Partners.

Mr. Joyce concluded: "Our message to our customers remains the same: We continue to invest in your ongoing success by bringing to you the world's best, most innovative technical solutions. The addition of StrikoWestofen, ItalPresse and Gauss to the existing portfolio of DISA and Wheelabrator further improves our capability to serve you with whatever parts formation challenges you may have, wherever you may have them."

About Norican Group

Norican Group is the world's leading provider of technology and services for improving metallic parts. Currently the offer includes all forms of parts formation (horizontal, matchplate & vertical moulding) and surface preparation technologies (airblast, wheelblast and mass finishing). Its core branded technology platforms are DISA and Wheelabrator. The organization represents over 200 years of expertise and experience, and employs more than 2,200 people over 4 continents, with major operations in Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Poland, Switzerland, UK and USA. Norican Group works with the industry's leading representatives and business partners in serving its customers throughout the world.

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About LMCS Group

The Light Metal Casting Solutions Group (LMCS) is a group of leading capital equipment manufacturers and service providers for the light metal casting industry, processing Aluminum, Magnesium and Zinc alloys. Its core branded global technology platforms are StrikoWestofen, ItalPresse, and Gauss, and it possesses major operations in Germany, Italy, Poland, China and the US.

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About Altor

Since inception, the family of Altor funds have raised some EUR 5.8 billion in total commitments. The funds have invested in excess of EUR 3.1 billion in more than 40 companies. The investments have been made in medium sized Nordic companies with the aim to create value through growth initiatives and operational improvements.

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Notes to editors

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