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DISA India conducts a Customers' Day event at Customer's Place on 27th June 2017 in Rajkot

DISA Customers' Day @ Customer's Place - 27th June 2017, Rajkot

DISA celebrated installation of DISAMATIC C3-150 moulding machine at Om Metals, Rajkot by organizing a LIVE demo of DISAMATIC C3-150 moulding machine and sand plant at Om Metals manufacturing site and a technical session at Hotel. The event was well attended by 75 delegates from 45 foundries  (35 from Rajkot and 10 from other foundry regions like Jalandhar, Delhi NCR, Coimbatore, Kolhapur, etc.)

The event was unique in many ways:

  • DISA demonstrates live functioning of DISAMATIC C3-150 moulding machine, TM-160 Mixer and Sand Plant in front of large aspiring foundrymen.
  • OM Metals is a classic case study of upgrading manual foundry to High Pressure Moulding line (HPML) to produce different types of automotive castings including motor body parts.
  • Mr. Vallabh Patel, Owner, Om Metals shared his experience and transition from manual foundry to HPML and also inspired other foundrymen to go for an upgradation to HPML by allowing all to visit his foundry and showcase his casting programme and facilities.
  • Very well coordinated with OM Metal Team and DISA India team (Sales, application, service and marketing) to make the facility ready for live demo.
  • DISA celebrates the sale of a new DISAMATIC C3 line to a Coimbatore based customer during the event.


On this occasion Mr. Lokesh Saxena, MD (DISA India Limited) and Mr. Satyanarayana VN, VP-Foundry Sales (DISA India Limited) expressed their sincere thanks to Mr. Vallabh Bhai and OM Metals team for sharing their experience and allowing DISA India to conduct Customers’ Day at their foundry.

From DISA India, Mr. Satyanarayana VN and Mr. Anand Joshi, GM-Foundry Sales welcome all participants and delivered technical session. Mr. Gopal Krishan Kochhar, Sales -Rajkot thanked all delegates for the overwhelming response and making this event successful.