Grand opening of the DISA China Foundry Institute

Constantly seeking new ways to optimize customers’ knowledge and use of its moulding equipment, Norican Group China now introduces its new training facility. The DISA China Foundry Institute is a modern training centre, targeted to ensure all DISA customers across China have the optimal level of support and training throughout the life of their equipment. The three foundry experts leading the new institute can count nearly 100 years of foundry operations and management experience.

100 years of experience and expertise

Mr Hu will be leading the institute together with Dr Li Tongxin, Vice GM Application Moulding, and Mr Zhang Yong, DISA Foundry Operation Specialist. Together, they aim to safeguard and shape the training concepts provided by the new institute.

“Being renowned for its world-class engineering, Norican Group has built a long-standing reputation as a manufacturer of the best equipment available for producing high-quality castings. However, just as important as having the right machinery is employing and continuously training a staff of knowledgeable technicians to operate, maintain and trouble-shoot it effectively. The opening of the DISA China Foundry Institute is our way of ensuring all DISA customers throughout China receive state-of-the-art training, targeted to ensure high uptime and a rapid return on investment”, says VP DISA China Foundry Institute, Mr Yingjian Hu. 

“Everything we do at Norican Group focuses on maximizing our customers’ profits by lowering their operating costs, improving their production throughput and – not least – ensuring them a longer part or component life. One of the main goals in serving our customers by way of the new DISA China Foundry Institute is continuing to provide them with the highest level of support and training throughout the life of their equipment – now through new, structured training content”, continues Mr Hu. 

Empowering complete foundry optimization – business as usual 

Through a complete range of training courses – covering application and foundry operation training to machine maintenance and trouble-shooting, as well as all types of customized training based on specific customer wishes and requirements – operators and maintenance staff will improve their knowledge and gain new technical skills. According to Mr Hu, they will not only be able to understand and maintain their DISA moulding machines; they will be empowered to actively work to optimize overall foundry operations, differentiating both themselves and their foundry employer in the market place. 

“Our aim is to continue to serve our customers even better – with even more complete and innovative solutions, and with even more targeted training offerings. The benefits of such targeted training are both tangible and measurable, as they help to expand the overall lifetime of our customers’ DISA moulding machines and equipment, increase operational uptime and reduce scrap rates. This is no different from the training and support previously offered by Norican Group China; however, we are very proud to now be able to offer it in a completely new setting, taking our customers to the next level”, concludes VP DISA China Foundry Institute, Mr Yingjian Hu.

Celebrating 20 years of market excellence – and shaping industry 

The launch of the DISA China Foundry Institute purposely coincides with the 20th anniversary of Norican Group China and a two-day event for current and potential customers to celebrate the joint journey of innovation and achievements over the past two decades. It is Mr Hu’s hope that during the two-day celebrations on June 11 and 12, the hundreds of visitors invited to Norican’s Changzhou facility will join his team in making the DISA China Foundry Institute a household name in the Chinese foundry industry from day one.