The Complete Foundry

Who do you partner with when you need a new state-of-the-art foundry?

Automotive supplier AYD worked with DISA to deploy a Complete Foundry solution. Read on to learn why.

Choosing a complete, bespoke solution

Customised to fit your business

At the Konya site, DISA will work with AYD to install a Complete Foundry from scratch, supplying every piece of plant required for green sand iron casting, from sand preparation through to shakeout, casting cooling and surface finishing.

DISA’s solution also includes extensive support for planning, implementing and then operating the new foundry, with access to DISA’s renowned engineering and support teams whose engineers have intimate knowledge of all aspects of the green sand process.

“By partnering with DISA, not only will we have a complete set of state-of-the-art equipment that’s proven to work together but we also have access to the world’s leading foundry specialists for initial set-up and ongoing improvements. We are confident this is the most technically advanced, highest performance and most proven solution on the market.” 

Harun Aydın, President at AYD

The new AYD line will employ some of DISA’s latest, most advanced technology and support services to deliver a phenomenally fast yet simple-to-maintain facility.

Cutting-edge foundry technology

“We picked the D3 because vertical moulding is well known for delivering very high production volumes while maintaining the best quality. As well as its exceptional speed and accuracy, it has a very long operational life and requires surprisingly little maintenance.”

Harun Aydın, President at AYD

Incredible speed, consistent quality

Innovation in digital too

DISA’s Monitizer | CIM package will collect and exchange AYD’s machine data in real time, letting managers monitor live production information via easily-customised dashboards, and report on and analyse historic production data. Monitizer’s many other advantages include faster, more effective troubleshooting, storing the correct settings for each pattern, managing preventative maintenance and supporting machine automation and synchronisation.

The cloud-based Monitizer | DISCOVER system will make this clear view of line performance available in any location, so anyone in AYD will be able to see exactly how the foundry is performing and find ways to improve. Monitizer | DISCOVER can monitor any number of global sites and supports any equipment, not just DISA’s, so it will easily scale to cover any new AYD lines or sites.

“Monitizer | DISCOVER will give AYD the best possible visual overview of casting production. With customisable dashboards and the ability to work with any equipment, it’s a future-proof solution.”

Lars Olsen, Sales Director Europe at DISA.

Total support for the Complete Foundry

High performance foundry, rapid project delivery