New investment will increase production dramatically in Turkish foundry


Founded in 1980 as one of ten companies in the Soyak Group, Trakya Döküm is a world-class foundry located in Lulegaz, Turkey – some 140 km west of Istanbul – producing ductile and grey iron castings and machine parts for the automotive and construction industries.

Company Profile

Since its foundation, quality, cost and delivery performance have been both key driving factors and leading catalysts of all new investments and developments at the foundry. Today, Trakya Döküm not only ranks among the top 500 companies in Turkey. It is also one of the best equipped foundries in Turkey, housing and operating a total of five DISAMATIC moulding lines and CT shot blast machines. This provides the foundry with an annual capacity of 65,000 tonnes of finished castings.

Trakya Döküm continues to think big. The latest investment in moulding line no. 6 – including a DISA 270-A and the CT 6 shot blast – will take the foundry to new heights by allowing Trakya Döküm to increase production to 100,000 tonnes of high quality castings:

“Trakya Döküm stands out from our counterparts due to hard work and dedication. Our mission is to work together with our customers and be their development partner rather than just their supplier. That requires skilled, state-of-the-art engineering – both in terms of human capital and machinery. And therefore, both our in-house engineering staff and our DISA moulding lines are what enables us to continuously stand out and ensure product quality”, says Ugur Kocaoglu, General Manager of Trakya Döküm and also Chairman of the Foundry Association in Turkey.

“Our decision to purchase yet another DISA line and CT shot blast machine is a strategic choice to continuously boost and extend our efforts to find the most cost-effective and quality-guaranteed way of making truck and railroad castings. The DISA innovative technology coupled with the Trakya Döküm sense of quality and customer orientation makes an end result of increased capacity, mould quality and yield”, Ugur Kocaoglu concludes.

“We are very pleased that Trakya Döküm continues to invest in products, equipment and services from DISA, and we very much look forward to cooperating on the new installation as well as to following up afterwards in our on-going efforts to strengthen our long-term partnership”, says Per Ejdorf, Vice President Sales Europe & South America, DISA,

Delivery of the line no. 6 from DISA is scheduled to take place in August 2016 at Trakya Döküm in Turkey.