A production geared for the future – and a business running strong


OSCO Industries Inc. has a long history of success – a very long history. Founded in 1872 as The Ohio Stove Company, OSCO today consists of three casting plants all located in South Central Ohio. Major markets served include air-conditioning and refrigeration, automotive, power transmission equipment, pumps and valves. For decades, OSCO has turned to DISA for all their moulding needs. With a total of 4 DISA MK-5 machines and an upgrade on the horizon, OSCO has a long history and a bright future with DISA.

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“It’s the flagship of this plant”

Challenges, Solution and Results

“We’re a strictly grey iron foundry with an Osborn operation, a Hunter operation and a DISA operation. Our DISA is the flagship at this location”, James Jensen, Operations Manager at OSCO Industries Inc., summarizes the US-based foundry’s operations and choice of moulding lines.

New and innovative features lead to tremendous improvements

“We specialize in automotive and air-conditioning, and the bulk of our work is comprised with first getting the customer on the DISA. It’s the flagship of this plant. Over 50% of our production is made on the DISA, and our cored work will vary between 5% and 30% on a given day”, he continues.

“DISA has introduced a number of upgrades and new innovative features that we feel will be a tremendous improvement in our finishing costs and our uptime on the new DISAMATIC D3. As far as the output, it would be a higher quality”.

Growth potential and reduced costs

“The advantages of going with the D3 versus just replacing what we have are that it will give us more growth potential. Additionally, the ability to squeeze from both sides will give us a tighter parting line, which we believe will lead to reduced cleaning costs”, James Jensen explains.

Reliability and repeatability

With decades worth of operating hours on their DISA MK-5, and hundreds and thousands of moulds to its credit, it is time to move on to the next machine to get them through the next 25 years.

Mould Accuracy Controller

One of the DISAMATIC D3 features is the Mould Accuracy Controller (MAC) that ensures an early warning of any mould deviations within customer defined tolerances. It is a feature that is specifically emphasized by OSCO Industries Inc.:

“We feel that the Mould Accuracy Controller (MAC) will add to the quality of the part. (With our current DISA moulding line we have a good PM programme with an annual and a weekly PM schedule and it can run another ten years, but it would still be the old machine at the old rates”, James Jensen, Operations Manager at OSCO Industries Inc. states before concluding:

“The best characteristics of the DISA over the other machines are the reliability and the repeatability”.

A production geared for the future – and a business running strong

The DISAMATIC D3 will be installed within the next several months, and OSCO will be ramping up production to meet the demands of a growing industry, lowering their costs per casting and keeping their business running strong.