DISA India transforms Nelcast’s moulding line performance

Nelcast wanted to focus on its core business: manufacturing iron castings. By agreeing a parts and maintenance Service Contract with DISA India, Nelcast increased overall production, reduced downtime and scrap, and enhanced its staff’s skills.

Company Profile

Producing 118,000 tons of ductile and grey iron castings annually, Nelcast is the largest jobbing foundry in India. It exports its products worldwide to clients in the automotive, construction, mining and railways sectors. Equipped with two DISA FLEX horizontal flask green sand moulding lines and several DISA ARPA Jolt Squeeze moulding machines, Nelcast’s flagship plant in Gudur produces 60,000 tons of ductile iron castings every year. 

Challenges, Solution and Results


Looking for expert maintenance support

Nelcast was looking  to find a better solution for managing the maintenance of its DISA FLEX 70 moulding line with a goal to achieve best-in-class uptime & quality through an improved preventative and predictive maintenance. Rather than dedicate additional in-house resources, it wanted to partner with an expert to completely outsource regular servicing and spare parts support. Nelcast runs 24X6 and was looking for a partner who could not just commit resources but also take ownership of the task and approached DISA who they believed was uniquely qualified and committed. 


A unique end-to-end service

DISA India proposed a Service Contract that would meet all of Nelcast’s needs. DISA would take complete ownership of the FLEX 70 moulding line, from the sand plant and moulding machine to the conveyer and dust collecting equipment. It would schedule and deliver all maintenance and make sure parts were changed at the right time as well as supporting in-house training, safety and process optimisation. Nelcast agreed and the new Service Contract – unique in the Indian market – was signed in November 2017. DISA dedicated an experienced engineer to work full time in the Gudur plant to enhance equipment performance and availability and reduce downtime and lead time. Free of maintenance concerns, Nelcast could focus on managing its production.


Maximum moulding line performance

Within a year, the DISA-managed line’s reliability increased sharply and downtime dropped due to expert, regular maintenance and timely replacement of all necessary wear parts. With an objective measurement of performance and an incentive structure in the contract, the interests of Nelcast & DISA were perfectly aligned.

From improving mould hardness to reducing cycle time, DISA’s Service Contract enhanced every part of Nelcast’s process. Sand mixing and other delays were reduced or eliminated. With every part of the line and process working in harmony, maximum production increased from 84 to 93 moulds per hour, quality improved and scrap dropped significantly. 

With on-the-job DISA training, foundry staff learned optimum machine settings and efficient safe operation. A single point of contact and consistent monthly invoicing reduced administration for Nelcast and made maintenance costs predictable. 

With better casting consistency, Nelcast rated DISA’s initiative as a “World Class” service offering and agreed a further Service Contract to manage its DISA FLEX 90 moulding line in 2018. With growing demand from other clients, Service Contracts are now a standard part of DISA India’s Aftermarket offering.