ZETKAMA - Customer satisfaction means everything

DISA was proud to welcome the world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality valves into the DISA family when handing over the new DISA MATCH 20/ 24 to ZETKAMA at the GIFA show 2015 in Germany, and also the Polish foundry gave much positive feedback when receiving the machine: “DISA is well-known in the foundry industry for having the best machines and the best technology, and we trust that our new moulding machine will meet our needs and requirements for many years to come”, says President of the Board and General Directory of ZETKAMA, Leszek Jurasz.

Company Profile

ZETKAMA is one of Poland’s leading industrial valve producers within ductile and grey iron as well as one of the largest manufacturers of industrial valves in Central and Eastern Europe. Established in 1946, moving facilities in 1979 and undergoing a complete modernization in 2001, ZETKAMA, today, offers more than 2,000 different types of valves, such as stop valves, check valves, bellow valves, butterfly valves, strainers and ball valves. It is a foundry that has received numerous prestigious awards for its high performance over the years, and today its products are sold to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Challenges, Solution and Results

Outstanding flexibility and control

The DISA MATCH 20/24 is based on the newest technology within MATCH machine development, where especially the flexibility and control of the machine is outstanding and unique.

“Although being an old foundry, we still strive to meet ever increasing customer requirements, and quality remains at the very top of our list of priorities. We are told that the DISA MATCH 20/24 has improved mould hardness and quality to an extent that it gives better casting surface and, in many cases, also less finishing, which are key advantages and high performance indicators to us”, continues Jurasz.

Major value-adds

Another important feature is the CSE – the Core Setter. The major benefit of using CSE with castings in larger series is that the precise core setting – together with on-going repeatability – is a great value-add to foundry production and productivity.

“When researching the market for new technology and equipment, we scrutinized as many technical details as we possibly could, and we found that DISA remains world famous for quality, efficiency and new technology. And since we needed a new moulding line, we found the DISA MATCH 20/24 to be a special moulding machine with special advantages”, concludes Leszek Jurasz, President of the Board and General Directory of ZETKAMA.

Apart from the DISA MATCH 20/24, the full scope of supply to ZETKAMA includes Quick Matchplate Changer (QMC), Exhaust Filter (EFI) and Core Setter (CSE) as well as service kit, matchplate adaptor, spare parts, installation, supervision and training.