UN Sustainability Goal 17 – Partnering for sustainable development

Only by working together can we reach these ambitious sustainable goals. That requires local partnership and investment in developing nations – and that’s what UN Goal 17 is all about.

DISA has long invested in China and India as a way to encourage local adoption of efficient, sustainable equipment. Our Tumkur facility in India opened back in 1984 and we have a second plant in Hosakote.

In August 2020. Norican Group China added the new Hanjiang plant to its Changzhou manufacturing centre which first opened in 1997. The centre now covers 20,000 sq. m and combines R&D, design and production for DISA and its three sister Norican brands: Wheelabrator, StrikoWestofen and ItalPresseGauss.

DISA’s local manufacturing investment promotes sustainable technologies to developing nations – a key target for UN Goal 17. DISA equipment manufactured in China and India is widely exported to other Middle Eastern and South-East Asian countries, strongly supporting another important Goal 17 target: increasing the exports of developing countries.

Collaborating for sustainable innovation

DISA’s global R&D teams collaborate on new designs, an integral part of our transnational technology transfer between DISA’s manufacturing centres.

Commercial partners in developing nations are also vital for us: DISA’s latest Monitizer module – the AI-driven Monitizer®| PRESCRIBE – is the result of a partnership with South African-based DataProphet.

Our collaboration with clients is open, frequent and widespread. This global customer feedback drives DISA’s product development and helps make our equipment as efficient and sustainable as possible.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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