Mould Accuracy Controller (MAC)

measures mould string inaccuracies, in real time, before pouring, making it possible to react on mismatch problems even before the moulds are poured!

DISA MAC can be retrofitted to most DISAMATIC machines with an Automatic Mould Conveyor (AMC)

Pour only the perfect moulds

With DISA MAC you get:
  • Real time data on mismatch, mould gaps, mould steps and parallelism
  • Real-time data on the operator panel
  • Historical data in Monitizer dashboard
  • Precision for mismatch <± 0.05 mm Automatic stop of pouring at mould gaps

The typical payback time of DISA MAC at 15,000 tons production per a year is approx 20 months - that's less than 2 years!

Watch the DISA MAC in action

"The DISA MAC ensures that only good, perfectly aligned moulds are poured. The potential reduction in rework and scrap as well as the improvement in casting precision is significant. It’s a simple device, but thanks to the software behind it, it could revolutionise the casting process for our customers.”

Kasper Paw Madsen,
DISA Global Product Manager Digital Solutions

A warning light on top of the MAC bracket alerts operators to deviations for timely response ensures the highest quality moulds.

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