The power of green sand for producing copper alloy castings

Foundries around the world have used DISA equipment to produce high quality copper alloy castings for many years. From brass and bronze to aluminium bronze and other copper alloys, the green sand process dramatically cuts costs and increases production efficiency and flexibility

For these reasons, more and more foundries casting copper alloys are considering automated green sand moulding.

Flexible and high quality yet affordable, DISA MATCH matchplate lines are very popular with ambitious foundries producing short and medium series. Depending on the casting geometry and production volumes, both horizontal and vertical green sand moulding lines may be suitable.

Whether you want 100 or fewer moulds per hour or maximum DISAMATIC speeds, DISA has the right equipment for your foundry.

DISA’s advantages over jolt-squeeze for copper alloy castings

Efficient, flexible solutions from short series (well under 100) right up to 555 moulds per hour
Cost-effective solutions for small–medium capacity: from 100 tons castings per year
Unbeatable mould quality
Fast, easy pattern changes takes less than two minutes, perfect for short runs
Low labour requirements: only 2-3 people for moulding, core setting and pouring
Constant sand/metal ratio due to flaskless moulding
Safe and environmentally-friendly
Simple and proven core setting gives efficient, low cost, short-run production of hollow parts
Low cost patterns with many material options depending on application
Normally only one set of pattern plates is needed, even for high production volumes
Adaptors let you re-use existing pattern plates (DISA MATCH only)

Many foundries would profit from switching their copper alloy castings to a green sand process. Not all copper alloy castings can be feasibly produced in green sand but the advantages above mean that many already are.