Manufacturing centre
in Tumkur, India

In India our headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka State, South India, called the silicon city of India.  The Tumkur factory serves customers across India supported by its sales offices and another manufacturing plant in Hosakote. Tumkur factory employs 160 people and is over 9,500 sqm in size, spread over 20,200 sqm of land.

Opened in 1984 for the manufacturing of modern foundry equipment, Tumkur factory is situated at 75 Kms West of Bangalore. It supplies complete foundry systems by integrating the DISA range of moulding machines and sand mixers with a combination of sand plant equipment.

Total customer satisfaction is achieved through superior engineering and years of manufacturing experience, combined with dedicated customer service including original spare parts to provide customers with the most suitable products and services.

DISA India Limited is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 certification company.

Additional Indian Operations

DISA Technologies Pvt. Ltd (DTPL). DTPL started in April 2007 as a detail engineering company for the team in Denmark.

Now the team are taking a lead in various research and development activities specifically aimed at the Indian market.