Manufacturing Centre
in Taastrup, Denmark

DISA in Denmark

  • The production and storage area is 10,000 square meters,
  • The administration building is 3,000 square metres.
  • 17 kilometres of cabling was installed
  • Power consumption of 2,500 Amp which is equal to the power supply for approximately 100 family houses.
  • Equipped with wireless network through the entire building.
  • It has 1,200 square metres of glass facades – equal to 18,000 pieces of A4 paper.
  • Solar cells are installed on the roof top, with a production capacity of 45,000 KWh/year
  • 154 LED lamps light up the production hall.
  • Approximately 400 tonnes of machines and 400 tonnes of stock goods moved to Taastrup from the old factory in Herlev
  • Optimized layout, effective processes and more simple work methods were central to Taastrup building design

Assembly area in DISA Manufacturing Centre, Denmark

A view over the assembly hall of DISA Manufacturing Centre and Headquarters in Taastrup, Denmark