The power of green sand in the production of steel castings

Steel has been produced in green sand for many years. Today more and more steel foundries are looking in the direction of automated green sand moulding to increase efficiency and secure consistent quality.

Depending on the actual casting geometry and casting volumes both horizontal and vertical green sand moulding lines can be used.

Many different castings have been produced successfully in green sand in different steel alloys ranging from plain cast steel to highly wear resistant alloys.

Depending on the number of castings your foundry creates, DISA has the right equipment for you, ranging from lines producing 100 or less moulds per hour, to lines capable of producing at maximum DISAMATIC speeds. Production of moulds can be done with vertical parting line, as well as with horizontal parting line.

Advantages of using green sand for steel castings

  • Efficient solutions are available for production rates from below 100 to 555 moulds per hour
  • Simple and proven core setting allows for efficient production of hollow parts at high speeds
  • Minimum work force is needed due to automated processes
  • Tool change is halting the production line less than two minutes  
  • Low cost pattern prices
  • Pattern costs can be optimised by selecting materials depending on the required pattern life
  • Pattern lifetime can be very high, steel patterns can produce several 100,000’s moulds
  • Even for high production volumes, normally only one set of pattern plates is needed
  • Long service life and only 1 set of production patterns results in low pattern maintenance
  • Lead times from CAD file to the first prototype and to start of series production are short
  • Changes to runners and feeders are easy, fast and cheap to make

It is not claimed that all steel castings in the world can be feasible produced in green sand, however many castings are already produced in green sand due to the above advantages.