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40% less scrap with DISA MAC

Marcel Tröger, project manager at Eisenwerk Erzgebirge, explains: “With our old moulding line, we had longstanding disagreements between the pattern makers and the maintenance team about the root cause of casting defects that gave us our relatively high scrap rate. When we got the new DISAMATIC, we installed the DISA MAC pattern blocks on our pattern plates and ran the new line with the DISA MAC system. It instantly flagged that something was wrong – mismatch! Could it be the machine settings? I didn’t think so - it was much more likely to be the old pattern plates than the brand new, high-end machine. So we 3D-scanned the pattern plates and immediately found inconsistencies that we’d not previously spotted. Straightaway, the DISA MAC has brought a new level of quality – and quality control – to our pattern making process, bringing it in line with the accuracy of the new moulding machine.”

The DISA MAC is a high-precision measuring device that captures mould-related mismatch, mould gaps, mould steps and parallelism for each mould in real time - before pouring.